Dollar rose after Fed

Dollar rose after Fed

The dollar is on the rise globally, despite the Fed's anticipated dovish text and announcement that it will continue its $ 120 billion asset purchase program. The dollar index jumped to 90.75 after Fed Chairman Powell's statement, "There is a long way to reach the employment and inflation targets", while the dollar rate, which saw the level of 7.35 yesterday, reached 7.43 on January 28.

The dollar rose sharply after Powell's press conference, despite the text and dovish rhetoric that came in line with the expectations after the Fed rate decision yesterday.

Despite owell's statement that the economy will be supported with asset purchases, his emphasis on the need for time to see significant development in the economy and his statement "There is a long way to reach employment and inflation targets" increased the sales in markets, especially in the US futures, and raised the dollar. The dollar index climbed over 90.75. Gold and oil prices fell.

Parallel to the rise in the index, Dollar / TL also turned its direction up. The dollar rate, which forced 7.35 gold yesterday, reached 7.43 on January 28.

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