Ünver: Nobody Can Insult Our Father

Ünver: Nobody Can Insult Our Father Republican People's Party Karaman Deputy İsmail Atakan Ünver made a statement saying that he learned that a security guard at the Karaman Training and Research Hospital insulted Atatürk.

Attorney Ünver said, "According to a report reflected in the local press and the information reached by me via social media, phone and WhatsApp, a person working as a security guard at Karaman Training and Research Hospital insulted Atatürk through social media. In my meeting with the Governor of Karaman about this person who, as a public official, insulted the founder of the state, who received a salary from the state and received a salary, our Governor stated that they "gave instructions to the relevant persons to do what is necessary." I would like to express that I will be a follower of the subject.

What we boast of being the ancestors of our ancestors Karami in our dorm in the Republic of Turkey nor nobody impermissible insult to our ancestors and to employment in the public eye such as this is wholly intolerable.

As for who Atatürk was like: Atatürk looks exactly like the Turkish Nation. In other words, it looks like us, as well as the quintessential Karamanlı. Fortunately, we are like him too! "He said.

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