Solution Suggestions for the Problems of Working Women

Solution Suggestions for the Problems of Working Women

The biggest problem of working women is time shortage. Because when they work overtime, they don't have enough time for their homes, their children and their needs. There is no concept of working hours for women anyway. Housework, nursing care, child care are the responsibility of each job.

While women work, they do not have time for social life, family, or friends. Therefore, the balance between home and business life cannot be established. Social life is broken. "We want to allocate weekends to our family, to be peaceful in business and social life."

Women who are single due to working conditions in their business life postpone their marriage or child plans.

Motherhood and family life restrict women from working. During pregnancy, he is taken on indefinite leave on the pretext of job loss. In working life, the working hours of women should be stretched, milk leave and paid leaves should be increased. Especially the importance of increasing milk permits in terms of public health in the future should not be underestimated.

One of the factors affecting women's work is the existence of children between the ages of 0-5. Local governments may establish municipal crèches, study centers, and child care areas near homes or workplaces, especially for the children of women with minimum wage. It can be offered to working women.

Government support should be obtained for childcare rooms and kindergartens at workplaces, and such practices should be encouraged in the private sector. Businesses that implement these practices should be encouraged by rewarding the state in various ways and by improving competition. These businesses should be shown as an example to the society.

The woman has participated in business life because of her livelihood. Some have elderly and disabled family members. Social responsibility should be taken in the care of children, sick, elderly and disabled family members and social services should be expanded. The state should open daily or hourly nursing homes in different districts for the elderly they leave at home. Local governments can play an active role in this regard.

The weight of home and work burden of women continuing their working life negatively affects women and children during the upbringing process. This situation leaves working women in a dilemma. As a result of the insufficient financial means of women working with minimum wage to spare for childcare, the growth of these children by leaving them alone makes them unsatisfied and irritable in the future. In this case, women are emotionally worn out and under pressure from within. Even though the woman is working both at home and at work, households have more expectations from women.

More women in management positions in workplaces; The reason is that female managers behave more sensitive and sensitive. Female compiler, organizing, organizing and disciplining, ensuring that women actively participate in the management by adopting these characteristics. Also do women

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