On the Concept of Madrasa

On the Concept of Madrasa

If we ask what is the madrasa? Madrasa; General name of educational institutions where secondary and higher education is held in Muslim countries.

The word Medrese comes from the Arabic lesson root. Those who teach in madrasahs are called professors and their assistants, and those who read muid are called advisor softa or students.

It is not known when, where and how the madrasah, which means the place where the course is taught, emerged as a cultural institution.

After Seljuks came to Anatolia, they built many madrasas in various cities. The first madrasah opened in Anatolia is the Yağbasan Madrasah opened by the Danişment people in Tokat Niksar.

Turkmenistan Uluğ Bey Madrasa

First XII in Anatolia. Century Artuqids, Danishmends, Eyyubils, Anatolian Seljuks founded madrasahs. Anatolian Seljuks great madrasahs XIII. They established after they dominated Anatolia in the century.

Iznik Suleyman Pasha Madrasa

If we ask who was the first madrasah in the Ottoman Empire and where was it. The first madrasah in the Ottomans was built by Orhan Bey in 1330 in Iznik, the center of the small principality at that time.

As the first professor, one of the Turkish scholars and thinkers, Şerefüddin Davud b. Mahmud b. With Muhammed el-Kayserî, Taceddin Kürdî, who was the student of Siraceddin Urûmî in Konya, was appointed. His hatip was given to a person named Kara Hodja.

Kırşehir Cacabey Madrasa

Hatuniye (Nefise Sultan) Madrasa Karaman

The Hatuniye Madrasa, located in the city center of Karaman, on Hastane Caddesi, was built in 1382 by Nefise Sultan, the daughter of Ottoman Sultan Murad I and the wife of Karamanoğlu Alaaddin Bey. As it is learned from the hexagonal inscription on the left side of the entrance door, it is the work of Architect Numan bin Hodja Ahmed.

Emir Musa Madrasa Karaman

There is no date in the inscription of the madrasa. Emir Musa Bey died in Mut in 1356, his body was brought to Ermenek and buried in the tomb of Tol Madrasa. It is not clear how old he was when he died; but I guess it would not be wrong to think that he had the madrasah built in Karaman between 1340 and 1356.

Tol Medrese Ermenek

In the two-line Arabic inscription of Tol Madrasa, the building was "built by Emir Musa Bey, son of Bedreddin Mahmud Bey (1300-1308), the ruler of Karaman, in 740 AH (1339)."

Serafettin Power

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