The cow that fell into the abyss was saved

The cow that fell into the abyss was saved In the Beyşehir district of Konya, the cow, which fell down a cliff at an altitude of about 4 meters into the rocky area and was reported to be pregnant, was rescued with the help of a construction machine.

According to the information obtained, Emin C., who livestock farming in the Fasıllar District of Beyşehir district, realized that one of the cattle that went to the pasture was missing.

Realizing that the missing animal fell into a 4-meter cliff on the way to the pasture, Emin C., with the help of the locals, asked the Beyşehir Municipality for help when he failed to get the cow out of the place where he was located.

The teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs, who went to the scene, took the unfortunate animal that fell into the abyss in the steep terrain by scooping it up 50 meters.

The cow, which turned out to have minor abrasions after the accident, was taken to the veterinarian for treatment. After the veterinarian's examination, the cow was delivered to its owner.

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