Don't Miss the End Day to Get Rid of Debts with SSI Configuration!

Don't Miss the End Day to Get Rid of Debts with SSI Configuration! Karaman SGK Provincial Directorate reminded that the last day for applications is February 1, 2021 to benefit from the Structuring Law No. 7256.

According to the information given by the Directorate, the details of the structuring that provides an opportunity to get rid of debts are as follows:

For the periods before August 2020 and before, finalized;

• Insurance premiums,
• General Health Insurance premiums,
• Unemployment insurance premiums,
• Administrative fines finalized before 31.12.2020,
• Recourse claims arising from work accident, occupational disease or disability,
• Receivables arising from improperly paid income and pensions,
• Receivables arising from the revival of previously suspended service periods of Bağ-Kur insured,
• Optional and Community insurance premiums,
• For receivables originally paid before the publication date of the Law; unpaid accessories,
• Premiums arising from insurances within the scope of Law No. 2925 and 5510 / Annex-5, Annex-6,
• 6183/48. Receivables in installments within the scope of the article are within the scope of configuration.

• Receivables under the structuring will be updated with D-PPI (Domestic Producer Price Index Change Rate) instead of the delay penalty and delay increase.
• 90% of D-PPI calculated for cash payments and 50% for payments in 2 installments will be deleted.
• In order to benefit from the configuration, it is necessary to apply until 31.12.2020 and pay the first installment until 01.03.2021.
• If the original general health insurance premium debt within the scope of 60 / d of August 2020 and before is paid until 30.04.2021, the delay penalty and the entire charge will be waived.
• GHI insurance holders who have never had an income test apply for an income test until 31.03.2021, and if it is determined that their household income is less than one-third of the gross minimum wage, their GSS premium debts will be deleted and their premiums will be paid by the state.

• By employers, via e-insurance, personally or by mail to the relevant SGİM / SGM,
• 4 / b (Bağ-Kur) to any SGİM / SGM by its insured, via e-government, personally or by mail,
• Those who pay their premiums, via e-government, personally or by mail to SGIM / SGM where their files are,
• For debts of public administrations (4 / c), via e-insurance, by hand or by mail, to the Insurance Premiums General Directorate, Department of Premiums,
• For administrative fines of public administrations, to SGIM / SGM, to which the workplace is affiliated, via e-insurance or by hand or by mail,
Applications can be made until 31.12.2020.

- 4 / b (Bağ-Kur) insured persons will be able to apply to SGİM / SGM where their insurance files are located, until 31.01.2021 for their revival debts.
- GHI premium debts�%

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