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How did it affect Korona Karaman, what has changed? All will be reported ...

How did it affect Korona Karaman, what has changed? All will be reported .

How did it affect Korona Karaman, what has changed? All will be reported ... The causes and effects of the Covid-19 outbreak in Karaman will become a report with MEVKA support.

The "Project of Preparing a Provincial Report by Associating the Causes and Effects of COVID 19 Transmission with Various Variables" presented by the Karaman Provincial Directorate of National Education within the scope of the Mevlana Development Agency's 5th Term Technical Assistance Program of 2020 has been awarded.

The project contract was signed by Karaman Governor and Mevlana Development Agency Deputy Chairman Mehmet Alpaslan Işık, Mevlana Development Agency Secretary General İhsan Bostancı and Karaman Provincial Director of National Education Mehmet Çalışkan.

Within the scope of the project, in which the Governorship of Karaman is a partner, a questionnaire is organized for individuals infected with the COVID-19 virus, and variables such as age, gender, chronic diseases, substance use status, compliance with protective measures and the severity of the disease and the relationships between these variables It is aimed to prepare a report by analyzing it in the SPSS environment, and to create a guide for the measures to be taken in the fight against the provincial pandemic.

Karaman Governor and Deputy Chairman of Mevlana Development Agency Mehmet Alpaslan Işık, who made evaluations about the project after the signatures, said, “After emerging in Wuhan, China, it quickly spread worldwide and became a global epidemic and in March 2020, the World Health Organization. Declared as a pandemic, COVID-19 transmission has adversely affected all areas of our lives, especially health, education, economy and social life. The COVID-19 epidemic has become an urgent threat to public health due to its high contagiousness, permanent damage to the human body, and life-threatening effects on the health of people of all ages, especially the elderly and individuals with chronic diseases. Despite all the measures taken, the number of infected people in the world is increasing exponentially and a significant number of patients develop acute respiratory failure and cause loss of life. The treatment of the COVID-19 pandemic, which can be transmitted from person to person through droplets or contact, and reducing the rate of spread brings along a very difficult and demanding process. Therefore, until an effective and safe vaccine emerges or until the end of the pandemic, the best measure is to control the spread of COVID-19, to have information about the direction of the spread and to ensure that regional measures are taken.

In addition, in the fight against the virus, it is of great importance that people do not leave their homes unless it is mandatory, in order to reduce contact, observe social distance rules, protect their own health by complying with hygiene rules and protective measures, and prevent them from carrying this disease to their families and close circles. Since the first day of the COVID 19 pandemic in our country, many protective and preventive measures have been taken in our city, our city has been among the provinces with the fewest cases from time to time, and in some periods it has been among the provinces where the number of cases reached the peak.


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