Imagination - 2

Imagination - 2 The second part of the 3-episode "Imagination" story by Abdullah Konuksever .

Imagination - 2

The second part of the 3-episode "Imagination" story by Abdullah Konuksever ...

-Bülent! Let's look this way and I look this way!
-Okay Necati! Now!

Necati thought that Serpil might have gone to the cake house and rushed towards the cake house. He saw a crowd at the crossroads ahead, but he didn't care. He quickly went to the cake house and entered.

-Mehmet! Did Serpil come here?
-No brother, he didn't come, what happened?
- Mehmet, was it Necati just before?
-Yes, master, the man came in and left. He asked his daughter and left, I hope nothing bad happened.
- Hopefully, otherwise we will not torment Aslı Hanım Necati!
-You are right, master, he torments the man when nothing has happened ... And if something happens to his daughter, woe Necati become your brother!

Necati immediately went out and looked left and right. The crowd just caught his attention, the ambulance was heading towards the crowd with the last face. Otherwise… Or… Necati didn't even want to think… I wonder if his daughter was hit by a car while she was crossing the road?

He ran to the intersection and plunged into the crowd…

-Serpil! Serpil!
- Sir, your daughter?

Necati struggled not to faint. Serpile was hit by a motorcycle, Serpil was lying on the ground covered in blood.

-Help my daughter! Help! God forgive me, help him!
-Do not be afraid sir, your daughter is alive. We will get first aid right now! You sit on the sidelines, nurse lady immediately give first aid.
Necati was a little relieved. "Ya Rabbi, thank you, my daughter is alive"

After Serpile, the nurse in the ambulance, gave the first aid, she turned to Necati:

-Do not be afraid sir, your daughter is fine. From what I can see, his nose is bleeding and his face is injured. It will be examined after a while, I hope it has nothing else.
-So why isn't my daughter moving ?!
- From the shock of the accident, the gentleman comes to himself a little later. Please don't be alarmed.
-Nurse lady, it's easy to say don't be afraid, but come ask me about it!
-I understand, sir… Look, we came to the hospital. Help me please!

After an hour, Serpil was awake. His nasal bone was cracked and his face was injured. They left the hospital and took a taxi home. When they entered, Asli was again looking at an old-eyed, lament and troubled program. He didn't even notice the wound on Serpil's face.

The fact that Aslı did not realize that her daughter had an accident and was injured while crying about the troubles that are the product of the script on TV, annoyed Necati badly. Turn off the TV and say: - Actually! Look at your daughter instead of crying at the fake troubles on TV!

-Oh my God! What happened to my daughter ?! Necatiiii! What did you do to my daughter? My dear daughter, I'm me!
-Mom, I have nothing to fear. While passing by, someone was struck. We come from the hospital, I have nothing.%


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