President Erdogan announced! All workplaces will close at 22:00.

President Erdogan announced! All workplaces will close at 22:00.

President Erdogan announced! All workplaces will close at 22:00.

The Presidential Cabinet convened in Beştepe under the presidency of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

After the meeting ended, President Erdoğan made statements.

Highlights from Erdogan's comments are as follows:


In the coronavirus, some European countries chose to resort to restrictions again. In some countries where the number of patients is high, it is almost out of control. Turkey is experiencing a controlled process in general. We have not faced any crisis in this area. Our daily patient number is at manageable levels. Saying okay against the epidemic is the rules of cleaning, mask and distance. I invite all my citizens to the utmost attention and respect.

Vaccine studies are progressing rapidly in the world and in our country. We plan to make one or more vaccines developed in foreign countries applicable in our country until the end of the year. We will offer our own vaccines to the service of our citizens in the spring months. We don't have a more effective tool in this regard than protecting ourselves. I expect more attention and sensitivity, especially from our citizens living in Istanbul.

Flexible working hours will be encouraged in the private sector and public sector. Inspections will be increased in places such as market places and markets. Services in restaurants, restaurants, patisseries, barbershops, weddings, wedding hall, swimming pool, spa, Turkish bath, internet head, astroturf, theater, cinema, concert halls will end at 22:00, excluding delivery service.

I especially ask our citizens to avoid crowded places and not to make home visits unless they have to.

Thank you so far we have successfully taken this process. We have taken normalization steps in many areas where we have suspended or limited its activities due to epidemic measures. We shared with the public the decision to start education face to face in some of the classes in our schools. According to the course of the epidemic, we will evaluate the situations of other classes in the coming weeks.

Although we spent the second quarter of the year in the shadow of Kovid-19, we experienced a limited contraction in the economy. Thanks to the decisions we made in the third quarter, we ended up with a strong recovery. Our industrial production and retail sales volume increased by 30 percent. Our exports increased by 34 percent. Under the favorable conditions we provided, our housing sales doubled to approximately 537 thousand. In the first 9 months of the year, our residential sales reached 1.2 million units.

With the strong acceleration in the third quarter, our sales in automobiles in the first 9 months of the year reached half a million. Economic indicators point out that we have started the last quarter of the year strongly as of October.


04 Kas 2020 - 08:30 - --- Okunma

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