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Ünver: Karaman's projects were left unattended in 2021

Ünver: Karaman's projects were left unattended in 2021 Republican People's Party Karaman Deputy Att.

Ünver: Karaman's projects were left unattended in 2021

Republican People's Party Karaman Deputy Att. İsmail Atakan Ünver conveyed from the parliament the state of Karaman's pending projects in the 2021 investment program announced by the Presidency. Unver; "In 2021, Karaman's projects were left unattended." said.

Bringing on the agenda of the projects that Karaman eagerly awaits and when they will be completed; CHP Karaman Deputy Lawyer, who asked both the written questions and the relevant Ministries in the Plan and Budget Commission and the ruling party in the General Assembly. İsmail Atakan Ünver explained how the projects included in the 2021 Investment Program announced by the Presidency this time are. In his speech from the TBMM chair, "Karaman has been left unattended and he never deserves this dereliction." said.


Technology Development Zones Law and other Laws in Amending the Law Proposal talks, speaking on behalf of the CHP group Ünver words to began as follows: "The annual turnover of 260 billion dollars, an automotive giant given up by the decision to invest in Turkey 'We are not, they lose. 'where there is an Industry Minister saying; You can only comfort yourself by talking about technopark, R&D, high value-added technological production. Nation's agenda; work, food, bread. Now you are talking about high value-added technological production after the nation was in need of dry bread. Good Morning! While the resource was abundant, you would not bury the money in stone, soil, concrete. You wouldn't make 3-5 contractors rich. You would do this in the 2000s, when funds flowed into the country from outside. "


Referring to the 2021 Investment Program announced by the Presidency, Ünver; “We have seen that most of the projects that made a lot of talk about starting or programming, could not allocate resources because the treasury was emptied. When I stated that the projects were left unattended about my electoral circle, Karaman, some of them were touchy. " he spoke. In the continuation of his words, "Let's take a look at the projects once again, based on the 2021 Investment Program." Ünver shared the latest status of projects such as Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Line, Sertavul Tunnels, Karaman Airport, Logistics Center and stadium.


CHP Karaman Deputy Ünver, who stated that the Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Line Project could not be completed, and that he was included in the Investment Program this year as well; "The project, which entered the program in 2012 and promised many times" It will be completed next year. "50 million lira has been allocated for 2021. Thus, the project amount is expected to be completed in 2021, minus one thousand liras. The project, whose funds will be exhausted, can be put into service in the first quarter of the year, hopefully this time, as promised. Just a few months ago, he said that the project will be completed at the end of 2020, and those who beat water in the mortar should continue to pound the water in the mortar, let's take care of our work.


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