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Escape from WhatsApp

Escape from WhatsApp WhatsApp users' most intimate correspondence I want the information with whom the well where I want when I want, I shared with him he sent the contract.

Escape from WhatsApp

WhatsApp users' most intimate correspondence I want the information with whom the well where I want when I want, I shared with him he sent the contract. Contracts and clear. Either warn you or charge you goodbye, "he says as contracts roads WhatsApp, the setting of life from Turkey seven eating It looks like it will continue.

First of all, when we log in to WhatsApp, the following contract text comes from time to time.

WhatsApp published its new terms of use and privacy policy on January 4th, 2021.

WhatsApp publishes policy states that user data can be shared with Facebook companies if the user agrees. If there is no change at the last minute, users will not be able to use WhatsApp if they do not confirm the text until February 8.

WhatsApp's information sharing with Facebook has been going on since 2016. However, with the new principles, you are taking away your right to refuse.
WhatsApp did not back down on its privacy policy update.

The Competition Board has launched an investigation against Facebook and WhatsApp.

Some claims about the privacy policies updated by the closed messaging platform WhatsApp have been raised on social media and news sites. It was said that those who will use the application must agree to share their data with Facebook, and if the contract is not accepted, the user will no longer be able to access WhatsApp.

"The users of WhatsApp, who do not comply with the contract I sent, and who do not want to know their own policy, flocked to Telegram, Bip, Signal on the weekend.

Everyone has an atmosphere of social media panic. As everyone who says what to do, we have already uploaded different social media networks to our phones.

Of course, the form Telegram Mesenger, App Store, settled in the first row among the most downloaded messaging applications in Turkey.
In second place is the "Signal" that Elon Musk suggested in exchange for WhatsApp. WhatsApp, which continues to decline, is falling towards fourth place.

BiP, the domestic instant messaging application developed by Turkish engineers, is at the back of WhatsApp. My suggestion is that if we do what I want, let's do it right. Let's install the Bip application developed by our Turkish engineers on our phones. In the face of this situation, the Russians who developed Telegram are happy.

WhatsApp connected millions with a contract offer. We can say that the Russians were the most profitable. We hope Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, understands what happened to it. Although he understands, any social media network that has suffered from trust damage is not reliable. The best example of this is no one who does not live. Whatever you talk about, what you think of or search for any product, the sites related to the product you are looking at will instantly appear on your screen.

The human mouth remains open and we cannot pass without saying whether we are resting.

Eyy if you impose this on WhatsApp users ... With double standards, the European Union% C


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