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A Story of Kalam-ı Kibar

A Story of Kalam-i Kibar You should be honored to have friends who tell you what you know right is wrong.

A Story of Kalam-i Kibar

You should be honored to have friends who tell you what you know right is wrong. They are one of your guardian angels.

I received the first gift of the new year from my friend and reader, my dear brother Mahmut Toptaş. Mahmut Hocam, "Neyzen Tevfik's Nothing, Cüneyt Arkın's Nayır" .

He stated that the phrase "La Galibe Illalah - Victory belongs to Allah" , which I know as a verse for forty years, is not a verse or a hadith.

Hodja Mahmut, “Its meaning is suitable for verse but word by word is not verse. When there is no hadith, let's say "kind words". This sentence is written after the Word of Tawhid on the flag of the state of Al-Muwahid ".

I said I received my New Year gift. What a nice gift. And I said "It was wajib to make a correction and write an article about this word"

The phrase "La Galibe İllâllah" which means "Victory belongs to God" has had an important place in my personal history. I saw a beautiful Iznik tile in an antique shop in Bursa in the early 2000s. It had the inscription "La Galibe İllâllah" on it. While making the package, the antique shop said, You have a nice piece. He has spirituality ” said.

I hung the tile plate in the most visible part of our room. After a while, I went to Spain. My guide is Prof. Oğuz Atay's biographical work "Novel of a Scientist" . Dr. Shouldn't Mustafa Inan's bride come out? My guide named Meryem, speaking in Turkish, whispered in a shy manner, “Prof. Do you know Mustafa Inan? " asked.

I was also loudly “Of course. His life story is the recent history of our country. He is our pride ” I said. Butterflies flew on his face. His eyes sparkled. "I am his bride" said.

The well-being of some people continued after their deaths. Mustafa Inan became one of them for me. Meryem is no longer my guide, she took care of me as if a family member came.

She showed the works of Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Antoni Gaudi and Goya, the squares, the parks, the arena where bullfights were held, the La Soprada Familia, the streets and streets decorated with Don Quixote sculptures. made me taste flamenco, watched dancers, helped me choose gifts.

A good guide is the person who best introduces his country. I am fortunate that I came across good guides wherever I went. Spain has been one of the countries where I took the most photographs and was impressed the most. Moreover, I even attended the Mevlevi ritual in the city of Zaragoza in an unexpected moment.

One end of Spain is Granada. It derives from the word pomegranate. Andalusia


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