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New Day or New Year?

New Day or New Year? "Man was created insatiable, selfish.

New Day or New Year?

"Man was created insatiable, selfish."
(Mearic Surah 19 Verse)

What's the phrase you've heard the most in the last ten days? Remember the most shared content on social media, what was spoken on television shows, and your phone conversation with your spouse and friend. First the corona, then the new year.

Mankind is always waiting, in expectation. He is always a creditor. From life and everyone. This situation may be related to our genetics. Before 2020 ends, we hoped for 2021. We all waited for the new year, hoping for something from him.

"New year, bring us love, bring peace, bring health, bring peace, bring money, bring, bring, bring ..." sentences flew above us. Expectations from 2021 have been torrential. After a few days, we will start to heal the damages and wounds of this downpour.

We always want something, from life, fortune, luck, world, new year. The new year will come and it will deliver our orders to us and leave. Mubarak is like the motorcycle member of the cargo company.

Let's look at everything from ourselves, from within. If we swap what we want from life, the world and luck for what we can give ... We will be more generous, more altruistic, harder, better, more loving, more honest, more moral this year. If we work for ...

Do years have the power to bring something to us, to bring something from us? One should not confuse the concept of time with the years from its particles. We strive to move from immaturity to maturity within the lifetime given to us. Whatever we have won or lost is the result of our own actions. These have nothing to do with years.

While it is possible to say "I will be better this year, I will read more" , it is unreasonable to expect comfort of life from a point of time, which is one of the mirrors of the creator, for us to tidy up ourselves.

The new year will not bring any innovation to any of us. We will build every innovation ourselves. Let's not forget that every day we open an eye to a new sun, a new world. Every day is a new beginning. Hope is the saplings that we grow inside of us. Let's not forget that every day is a new day and rely on the new year?

Daily sunshade spring weather has prevailed in Ankara for a while. That's why I spend some time of the day on the terrace. My four-year-old son Hasan Sadi came to me. He got on the swing, looking at the clouds and trying to make them look like different creatures. He loves this game. "Why are the clouds here, father?" asked.

I hugged it and took it off the swing. I sat on the father's seat next to me. These clouds are for both of us. Now only you and I are looking at these. Allah sent them to us. He painted the sky blue for us. He created the forest for us. While we were unaware, he painted the trees green. ”

After my words "This beautiful weather is for both of us" she got up from her place, stretched her hands and head out from the window open terrace, and held it for a while. Then Dad, I smelled the cold. Very


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