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My Child Is At Home Again… I Can't Grow Up!

My Child Is At Home Again… I Can't Grow Up! Hello, dear mothers and fathers.

My Child Is At Home Again… I Can't Grow Up!

Hello, dear mothers and fathers.

You all took a deep breath with the gradual opening of schools in June, right?

When you were at home, you did not know how to take care of your child during the day, and you could not keep up with him and the house affairs. Admit that your child needs social interaction, you want him to spend time with his friends at school, and let's admit, you wanted schools to open for a little rest. Don't feel guilty, almost every parent thought the same thing.

Not only you, but also your children started to get bored at home after a while. He ran, played, jumped through the house, but it was not enough. He wanted his friends, he saw you as his friend, but it was not enough. In this process, both parents and children are tired…

Let's know that health comes first. With the increase of the measures, our children were again locked in the safest place, their homes. With online education, they will spend their minutes at the computer and tablet.

What can be done in order not to experience the same things after a while?

Dear parent,

Be good first, feel good.

Start by creating a plan. Organize your day in a way that you can devote time to both yourself and your child. Don't neglect to chat with your child. Use this process as an opportunity and try to get to know your child well.

Make sure that your child gets fresh air in the parks and gardens by going out (by taking precautions) when he / she can go out. Don't have any friends? No problem. Feed stray animals, love them. This will be good for both you and your child. Let the animals be your child's friend.

If you have not been able to complete the housework, assign a task to your child. As you try to complete that mission, you will have already done your job. Please don't let your child's sleep time change. When schools are opened to face-to-face education, we do not want them to have difficulties.

Remember what you experienced during the quarantine period, you are experienced now. You can get through this process easier and better.

Take care of yourself, stay healthy.

Child Developer
Sefa Ezgi Cingöz


26 Kas 2020 - 13:30 -

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