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It is important to 'take plenty of fluid' in varicose patients

It is important to 'take plenty of fluid' in varicose patients Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Dr.

It is important to 'take plenty of fluid' in varicose patients

Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Dr. Lecturer Stating that intravascular clot may cause dark discoloration and even scar formation on the skin, Mustafa Özer Ulukan, a member of the association, said, "In patients with varicose veins, taking plenty of fluid is important in terms of preventing clotting, since the risk of coagulation due to vasodilation is high." used expressions.

Speaking in the statement made by Medipol Mega University Hospital, Mustafa Özer Ulukan stated that although treatment is not considered urgent like other diseases, varicose veins tend to clot due to their mechanism.

Ulukan stated that intravascular clot can cause dark discoloration on the skin and even scar formation, and underlined that taking abundant fluid is important in terms of preventing coagulation, since the risk of coagulation due to vasodilation is high in varicose patients.

Stating that varicose veins occur in one third of the female population, Ulukan reminded that especially pregnancy triggers the problem as the increasing venous pressure disrupts the venous structure.

Ulukan stated that the formation of varicose veins should not be directly linked to heart disease and said, “Since heart failure is a condition that causes swelling in the feet, swelling in the feet and varicose veins can be thought to be caused by the heart. However, varicose veins occur as a result of the failure of the genetically present valves in the veins and the combination of factors that cause venous pressure increase such as weight gain, standing heavy lifting, which we call environmental factors, and the veins expand and fail to function. " made his comment.

Pointing out that it is not necessary to sit with the feet folded and drooping down for a long time, Ulukan said, “This sitting style that disrupts the return of blood, increased venous pressure and the blood pooling below due to the effect of gravity may cause dilation of the veins and insufficiency of the valves inside the veins. Likewise, standing still facilitates the formation of varicose veins due to the lack of additional function such as the pump it provides during the contraction of the muscles. I advise you not to stay in the same position for a long time. " used expressions.

Ulukan reminded that in the past, the vein with venous insufficiency was cut and removed less comfortably with surgical intervention:

"Surgical intervention is less preferred compared to other methods because it is a treatment that is low in terms of patient comfort. Thanks to the recently developed and frequently used technology, ultrasound-guided laser, radiofrequency and adhesive, foam sclerotherapy and E skin laser in superficial small vessels. Among the endovenous treatments, the method in which laser is used is called endovenous laser ablation treatment. The patient comes to the treatment on foot and goes on foot immediately after the treatment. Methods such as adhesive are also used. It is applied safely by a specialist physician with a good ultrasound knowledge.

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