We wish a free working life

We wish a free working life Saadet Party Karaman Women's Branch Chair Havva Şahin made a written press release on January 10, World Working Journalists Day.

We wish a free working life

Saadet Party Karaman Women's Branch Chair Havva Şahin made a written press release on January 10, World Working Journalists Day.

Hawk; ' We celebrate the 10th of January, the World Working Journalists Day, of all our members of the press who devotedly fulfill their duties in order to inform the public in an accurate, principled, fair, objective and prompt manner. The press has an important place in the reaction and enlightenment of the societies. The press acts as a bridge between the public and the executives. The press assumes a very important duty in terms of the controllability of politicians.

In this respect, all press employees are in the practice of this valuable profession; It is an attitude worthy of their profession to fulfill their duties in the most objective manner by approaching the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, principled journalism, the privacy of private life and the universal principles of law, without any interest. All of our press employees working with these sensitivities in mind deserve the greatest recognition. One of the indispensable elements of an independent country is an understanding of a free, independent and principled press. It is unacceptable for press organizations and their members to be subjected to censorship, pressure, violence and unfair treatment in some cases. The press community should stay away from such policies of intimidation. Otherwise, employees will avoid expressing their thoughts freely, and the public will not be able to access accurate and principled news. Attitudes towards the freedom of the press should be appropriate to our country, embargoes and restrictions should be lifted by press employees. The fact that a large number of journalists have been subjected to thought crimes and sentenced to compensation contradicts the discourse of the free press. Thinking and criticizing should be decriminalized.

Criticism of muting the sound and prevent news getting the right people are not in favor of any way in Turkey. The rebuilding of democracy, which has suffered serious damage in recent years, will be possible primarily by removing the pressure on the press and journalists. Press employees should not face any sanctions other than objective and universal criteria. It is very important to improve the working conditions of the press staff, which is of particular importance for every level of the country, and to get what they deserve from fair sharing and to perform their duties properly.

Social and economic rights of press workers should be secured. We congratulate all our journalists, who reflect the problems and information flow of our country to the authorities and the public in the most accurate and objective way, and wish a working life dominated by honesty, freedom of expression and press.


10 Oca 2021 - 14:00 -

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