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Warning against increased screen usage

Warning against increased screen usage Eye Diseases Specialist Assoc.

Warning against increased screen usage

Eye Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Zeynep Aktaş stated that eye disease complaints increased during the pandemic period, "After 20-45 minutes in front of the screen, eyes should be rested by keeping the eyes closed for a while and the eyelids should be opened and closed frequently. warned.

Aktaş stated to the AA reporter that eye diseases have increased due to the increase in time spent in front of the screen at home due to pandemic restrictions, and listed the things that need attention.

Reminding that people spend more time at home due to the Kovid-19 pandemic in our country and all over the world, Aktaş said, "As we know, home-working activities and distance education have taken a large place in our lives when we get used to new normals where we experience many changes. The long hours spent sitting in front of the computer, like, affect our musculoskeletal system the most. However, this also affects our eye health closely. " he spoke.

Stating that the number of applications to eye clinics has increased with complaints of tiredness in the eyes, headache, blurred vision, burning, stinging and watering in the eyes due to long-term computer use, Aktaş stated that excessive screen use can trigger "dry eye syndrome".

Explaining that such findings also bring about the loss of workforce, Aktaş said that such complaints can occur in both home and office environments.

- "Use of contact lenses and dry eye disease may exacerbate existing complaints"

Aktaş stated that there is dryness in the eyes due to uninterrupted and long-term working in front of the computer and said, "Because focusing on a place for a long time will reduce the blink reflex of the eyelids, it triggers dry eyes, especially at the end of the day. and problems such as itching may occur. " said.

Stating that eye surface diseases related to the use of contact lenses, dry eye disease that is already present in the individual or chronic use of glaucoma drugs can be seen, Aktaş said:

"The use of contact lenses and dry eye disease are factors that can exacerbate the existing complaints. In addition, if ventilation systems are present in the home environment, as it can often be in office conditions, this can worsen the situation by reducing the humidity of the environment. Practical measures that can be taken as solutions in the following days can be listed as follows:

After 20- 45 minutes of time in front of the screen; The eyes should be rested by keeping the eyes closed for a while and the eyelids should be opened and closed frequently. This situation is much more important in children and ideally, 10-15 minutes should be taken after every hour of computer use. "

- "Relaxation exercises should not be neglected"

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