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Warnings against "violent games" for parents

Warnings against "violent games" for parents Faculty Member of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Assoc.

Warnings against "violent games" for parents

Faculty Member of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Assoc. Dr. Kaasım Fatih Yavuz said that although videos and games with violent content have negative effects on children, the main protective and determining factor is that the child has healthy social relationships other than games, and that he has other interests such as sports, arts and hobbies.

After the time spent at home increased with the pandemic process, the interest in internet use and game consoles also increased. Particularly, some computer games, in which children spend a long time, often come to the center of discussions due to the violence and unruly elements they contain.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) on the subject, Yavuz said that during the pandemic period children spend their time with technology products at home, it is quite natural and normal, and added, "But of course, the form and quality of the relationship with technology products will be a decisive factor here. To be more specific, it is important for what purpose, how, with whom, how often and for how long children's relationship with technology and technology products. For example, with the computer game played to get rid of feelings of boredom, anxiety, fear, despair, etc. There will, of course, be differences in the short and long term in the effects between playing and playing for a fun time.It is important for both children and adults to learn to cope with these negative internal experiences, because everything done to get rid of or escape from negative feelings has the relaxing effect of turning off the game screen. It will take a short time. " he spoke.

- "Spending too much time on games may indicate that things are not going well in other areas"

Pointing out that the games should be played within a certain control process, Yavuz said:

"In addition to all these, it is very important to choose games suitable for children's ages and developmental levels, to use them within a certain time limit in a certain period of time, and to accompany the parents while children play, even for certain periods, in terms of conscious and safe use of technology. If these conditions are met, games will even contribute to the "quality time" which is very popular today in the relationship of parents with their children.

For example, it may be possible for a child who teamed up with his parents in the face of a difficult situation in the game to experience many valuable experiences such as getting support, sharing, having fun and being together. Nevertheless, it will be useful to emphasize the following again, especially for parents: The fact that children spend long periods of time on computer games may indicate that things are not going well in other areas that will give them positive experiences. So looking at the issue only as overplaying the computer game would be to diagnose only half of the problem. "

- "It has been observed that children watching an aggressive model recorded on video adopt this behavior"

Violence is a learned behavior, just like any other behavior�


19 Kas 2020 - 13:30 -

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