A Point on the Agenda

A Point on the Agenda Our ancestors said how beautiful it is, it cuts, turns, turns, turns, the account comes back one day, do not take off the sigh of the oppressed .

A Point on the Agenda

Our ancestors said how beautiful it is, it cuts, turns, turns, turns, the account comes back one day, do not take off the sigh of the oppressed ...

The USA is a country that tries to distribute democracy to the world, more precisely, after the curtain of democracy, exploiting the countries of the world under the guidance of imperialist powers and making the oppressed peoples moan.

The public uprising on December 6 and the occupation of the congress center, where many events took place, the country where we wish democracy, the country that is watched in amazement by many countries that are disgraced to the world.

The selected after Donald Trump's election to lose Joe Biden, in our country on behalf of his speech we all know me during an interview given before the elections, failed in shock this person is honorable in Turkey, then we'll change management by supporting against Erdogan's Number opposition parties, namely a He said he was going to make a coup,

Now, as a son of this nation, we say, take blow to you, God shot you again with your own gun, you fell into the pit you dug yourself, this is the beginning, worse and worse days are waiting for you, we are waiting for you both as a state official and as a people, and we are waiting for you. We urge you to be moderate.

It would be a lie if we said we were sorry, we were not sorry, when we looked at the pulse of our people, nothing happened but curse their discourse.

Now our country is waiting for a very difficult period, as the new president of this terror-loving USA, as it can be understood from his previous statements, will attack all our national interests, political, economic and cultural values, from within and outside. It will play all kinds of games in the Mediterranean, Syria, Iraq.

Here, the government and the opposition (domestic and national opposition in quotes) being a whole, being a single fist means defending our country's interests in every field, leaving aside domestic politics.

The breakthroughs made in our country in recent years, especially in the defense industry, are admirable and this growth continues. The outstanding success shown in the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which the world is watching with astonishment, has made us proud, and our rising spiritual values ​​have come to light.

The arrow is out of the arc, this country has ruled the world with justice and served Islam and humanity in the past.

Our duty here is to defend our country, our flag, our state, in short our national and spiritual values, with every member of the society.

How beautiful, Mehmet Akif said, a nation cannot enter a group of enemies without entering, hearts cannot digest it as it hits it collectively, my Lord, let this nation last until the Day of Judgment, I hope it does not spoil our unity and solidarity.

With my deepest respect and love to you all
The Battal Gang


09 Oca 2021 - 15:00 -

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