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Sheikh Uçmaz Blows Disciples

Sheikh Uçmaz Blows Disciples "There was a sudden change in the fairly clear weather at 13:00.

Sheikh Uçmaz Blows Disciples

"There was a sudden change in the fairly clear weather at 13:00. Clouds appeared in the mountains in the direction of Mihalıççık. Sounds like the sounds of bones crashing into each other from the hail falling on the nearby mountains began to be heard. This symphony continued for a while. We all listened to this in a shudder. At a time when the skeleton was completely above the ground and the sides were opened, a cloud came towards us and washed the bones with a gentle rain like a sprinkle of rose water. Without wetting us too much, his bones, which were washed cleanly, were cut without mud. ”

Sheikh does not fly, disciples fly. A hero portrait cannot be drawn without mythology. The statements above are to present a rainfall that occurred at the opening of Yunus Emre's grave as a miracle.

Yunus Emre Association President Halim Baki Kunter made short notes while the tomb was opened in Sarıköy. These notes can be regarded as a striking document that shows his effort to create a new mythology around the name Yunus. The text you read above is a part of Kunter's notes.

Yunus Emre Association General Secretary Ahmet Adnan Saygun told the same incident to Journalist Sadun Tanju. Sadun Tanju, in his book "Tea Talks in Adnan Saygun's", narrates the opening story of the tomb through Saygun's words:

“We thought with my friend Halim Bâki Kunter in order to mobilize the science and art circles, and we decided to establish a Yunus Emre Association. We also established the association. Halim Bâki president, I am the general secretary ...

Though, the place where Yunus actually slept was controversial; There was a very broad alliance in the tomb in Sarıköy, Eskişehir, but there were places known as Yunus's tomb in Karaman and various parts of Anatolia. The people of Anatolia had prepared "an office" for Yunus, as if he was erecting his statue, in many places.

We, as the association, dwelled upon the visiting area in Sarıköy. While the French were making the railroad, they showed their respect to this great folk poet by circling the line around the tomb in a wide arc, and besides, they helped the place to be recognized as the seat of Yunus by the masses. The thought of building a monumental tomb in that curve was very attractive to us.

We also set up a committee for Yunus's grave.

Chairman, secretary general and a few other members of the Association, and Şevket Aziz Kansu as an anthropologist, we were included in this delegation. Kansu could not come with us by stating an excuse, instead he sent his assistant Kemal Güngör. The grave was opened with the permission of the Eskişehir governor. According to the mausoleum project prepared at the Academy of Fine Arts, it was necessary to take Yunus's grave in 50 meters. The fact that the skeleton inside the tomb was lying on its side asleep excited us all.


By the way, we were all amazed that the skeleton was not too deep. It was surprising that a six-century-old tomb was so close to the ground surface. Our young anthropologist friend Kemal Güngör said that the skeleton belongs to a Turkmen after some measurements.
In this determination


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