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Problems of the Female Worker

Problems of the Female Worker Women's power is more important in biscuit factories.

Problems of the Female Worker

Women's power is more important in biscuit factories. Because women workers are more obedient, patient and compliant. They work faster and more carefully than men in jobs based on labor and skill. For this reason, women workers are more preferred in factories than men.

The number of female workers working in the Organized Industrial Zone is high. Not living on a single salary and low wages paved the way for married women to work. The number of female workers who started working to help her family increased, there is a woman working in every household. In fact, some families do not want their working daughters to get married because the livelihood of the house will be in danger.

Although working women have many problems, employers are not informed enough.

Women have health problems because they are constantly working standing. He has a problem of varicose veins in the neck, herniated disc. Moreover, it is said that these ailments are not considered as occupational diseases. "We work in the cold. We are cold. Air conditioners are on. A jacket is worn if it suits the same type of clothing against cold. "

In addition, the working environments in the workplace are constantly changing, it is not clear where we will stop. "I'm coming to work in uncertainty. I am concerned about coming across a different order and a different section. In that episode, I worry about being alone without friends. "Some people say," This order came and goes like this. "

Another woman says that she works in a modern factory in better conditions than others, that there are many people who want to enter from outside, but here is a separate pressure, "If you don't like it, the door is there".

Even if women complain about working conditions, this time they face pressure to work at home. His wife or father said, “Can't you see the place? What do you not like? " imposing.

Most of the women and girls are at home under the pressure of their father or husband, and when they come to the factory, they are under the pressure of other responsible people. Moreover, the master behaves more comfortably when speaking to the masters, supervisors, women workers. He can be scolded more easily than male workers. The chief sergeant and the superior in charge pass on favoritism to those they see close to them. Or the people he can't speak of.

While workers in factories face problems such as minimum wage and hard work, women also experience problems due to being a woman. There are verbal attacks on women whose husbands are not working, who are victims or who have to take care of their divorced child, who are disturbed, disturbed, troubled, and anxious about this issue. There are also those responsible who make verbal humiliating jokes to women who seem naive.

Working women are more hesitant in the factory environment. The factory environment, after all, behave more carefully so that there is no promise. So much so that women


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