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"Remove the barriers of the disabled now!"

"Remove the barriers of the disabled now!" The Future Party Karaman Civil Society and Public Relations Directorate made a written press statement on the disabled.

"Remove the barriers of the disabled now!" The Future Party Karaman Civil Society and Public Relations Directorate made a written press statement on the disabled.

The statement made included the following statements:

"The derogatory statements that were included in our laws until a short time ago are still in memory, even on an issue that concerns our thirty million citizens, including its environment, where almost 13 percent of our country's population is considered disabled.

As the Future Party, in our previous statements to express the situation of our disabled citizens and raise awareness; We have stated that whether a state is a developed and civilized country is primarily proportional to the degree of positive privileges it applies to its citizens with physical and mental disabilities. Developed countries; It is obvious that there are states that set all standards by prioritizing disabled citizens, especially in issues such as education, health and transportation, and implement standards that facilitate the participation of disabled people in society and social life at every stage, from infrastructure to superstructure with their central and local governments.

While governments take a pioneering role in this matter and implement legal regulations and standards, society should also change the perception of the disabled in their conscience and mind. This perception, which regards them as burdens (even ignores), unfortunately still continues effectively. The state should implement much more comprehensive practices as soon as possible, instead of incidental (temporary) solutions that are sinful in matters such as the employment of some disabled people and some infrastructure regulations. While the government employs some of our disabled citizens today, what kind of contribution does it contribute to the lives of those left behind?

For example, with the amendment made in 2005 in the Law No. 5378 on Disabled Persons, "Metropolitan municipalities and municipalities take the necessary measures to ensure that the public transportation services offered or under their control in the city are suitable for the accessibility of the disabled. The existing private and public public transportation vehicles are made accessible for the disabled within seven years from the date of entry into force of this Law ”and the temporary article 3 was added. The added temporary article 3 was postponed due to the fact that 7 years have passed, as many transportation vehicles have not been regulated, as stated in the Law, and 15 years have passed since.

This law, which is constantly postponed, not only complicates the right of transportation for the disabled, but also undermines the trust in the state. The deadline was given until 2018 and unfortunately, when we came to 2018, it was postponed by giving 2 more years. The 2-year period was supposed to expire in July, but the pandemic period was used as an excuse and was extended for another year. Finally, during the coronavirus process, the regulation in the law was postponed for another year due to the excuses of the companies in the transportation sector.

The meaningful thing is; Promising equality and prosperity to all our citizens, this government does not hesitate to pay the guaranteed pass-through road bridge contractors in the corona process, and sees sheltering on excuses when it comes to our disabled citizens as a trick. Another interesting thing is that President Erdoğan in January.


21 Kas 2020 - 10:00 -

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