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Iron deficiency can be a sign of stomach cancer

Iron deficiency can be a sign of stomach cancer Dr.

Iron deficiency can be a sign of stomach cancer Dr. Lecturer Member Aliihsan Gemici, "Iron deficiency can be a symptom of many important diseases, including stomach and intestinal cancer." used expressions.

Dr. Lecturer Member Aliihsan Gemici gave information about iron deficiency, which causes many important diseases such as stomach and intestinal cancer.

Gemici stated that iron deficiency-related anemia can be seen in those who have heavy menstrual bleeding, cancer patients, those who use regular medication, pregnant women who do not use iron supplements, digestive system diseases and malnourished, “Iron deficiency, stomach and intestinal cancer may be a symptom. " used expressions.

Pointing out that 35 percent of women, 20 percent of men and 50 percent of pregnant women have iron deficiency anemia in the world, Gemici noted that some people may develop anemia without any symptoms.

Pointing out that iron deficiency can be diagnosed in blood tests performed during routine health checks, Gemici said, “Symptoms of iron deficiency include pallor of the skin, weakness in the body, fatigue, impaired concentration, headache, numbness in the hands and feet, irritability, humming of the ears, cracks in the lips. and mouth sores, brittle nails, hair loss. " found the evaluation.

"For the correct diagnosis in the treatment of iron deficiency, especially the patient's history should be checked"

Gemici emphasized that among the severe symptoms of iron deficiency, palpitations, eating soil or ice, slowing thyroid functions and restless legs syndrome can be seen.

Pointing out that for the correct diagnosis in the treatment of iron deficiency, the history of the patient should be checked, Gemici said:

“In particular, the patient's previous health problems, family history, medications used and current illnesses are also discussed. With the necessary examinations, it is determined why anemia occurs due to iron deficiency. The most effective part of the treatment involves treating the cause of iron deficiency. If the patient has an ulcer, treating it will prevent recurrence of the anemia as it will stop the bleeding. Controlling the menstrual process is also very important in the treatment of iron deficiency. Women with heavy menstrual bleeding are recommended to take hormonal support and regulate their menstrual periods. At the same time, substances and minerals that are missing in the blood should be supplemented.

Gemici stated that many diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease, HIV, Crohn's disease and other chronic inflammatory diseases can inhibit the production of red blood cells, and this condition is called chronic disease anemia.

Emphasizing that besides iron, your body also needs folate and vitamin B12 to produce enough healthy red blood cells, Gemici said, “A diet lacking this and other important nutrients can cause decreased red blood cell production. Although vitamin B12 deficiency anemia is less common in the general population, it is seen between 10-15 percent, especially in individuals over 60. Causes of deficiency


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