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Climate change opens up new dangers

Climate change opens up new dangers The world and humanity are faced with increasing disasters and new epidemics every year due to climate change.

Climate change opens up new dangers The world and humanity are faced with increasing disasters and new epidemics every year due to climate change. Experts warned that if necessary measures are not taken urgently, climate change will open the door to new disasters.

Destroyed on the one hand, thousands of kilometers of coastlines, cities under water, on the one hand endless fires, storms, epidemics. All these events that seem to be part of a movie script will become the concrete facts of the world in 100 years at the latest, if climate change cannot be stopped. While this terrible scenario that awaits the world in the future starts to feel its effects if no action is taken, the World Meteorological Organization (DMO) warned that disasters due to climate change will increase every year. In the 2020 Climate Status Report published by the organization affiliated to the United Nations (UN), it was pointed out that the number of people in need of international humanitarian aid due to disasters caused by climate change could increase by 50 percent by 2030.

According to the DMO report, 108 million people were in need of assistance in 2018 due to heat waves, global warming, forest fires, storms, droughts and increasing hurricanes. In the report compiled by 16 international organizations and financial institutions, it was stated that more than 11 thousand disasters have been experienced in the last 50 years due to weather and climate related events. Due to these disasters, 2 million people died worldwide, with an economic loss of 3.6 trillion dollars. The report urged governments to devote more resources to early warning systems that can improve natural disaster preparedness, response and mitigation skills. Professor Petteri Taalas, the Secretary General of the DMO, said, “Although the Covid-19 pandemic creates a major international health and economic crisis that will take years to heal, we need to pay attention to the threat that climate change will pose on human life, ecosystems and economies in the coming centuries. The epidemic also offers us an opportunity to move on a more sustainable path towards resilience and adaptation to climate change.

Mosquito infestation is at the door

Epidemics linked to climate change also threaten humanity. According to a new study, if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, approximately 1 billion people, 400 million of them in Europe, could be exposed to viral diseases transmitted by mosquito species by 2080. Normally invasive mosquitoes in tropical latitudes with limited living space, has become longer due to global warming threat to Europe and Turkey.

Working at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Environmental Problems Research and Application Center Directorate, Dr. Taylan Doğaroğlu said the following regarding the spread of mosquito infestations, which was a local problem in the past due to geographical differences:

“The negative effects of global warming, which is one of the most discussed topics in the scientific world today, continue to be felt strongly in many areas. Recently, an issue that has been on the agenda in this regard is invasive mosquitoes. As it is known, mosquitoes


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