Tear in the Ground of the Grave

Tear in the Ground of the Grave The fact that everything we want or look for, especially information, is just a click away from us.

Tear in the Ground of the Grave

The fact that everything we want or look for, especially information, is just a click away from us. We lost our features such as remembering, keeping in our memory and thinking and entered the age of forgetfulness. Because the one who will remember for us, who will think for us; we have technology product electronic memories. We have social media accounts to remind you of our special days. We have smiles that will show our sorrow for the death or another calamity that happened to our friend. We have ready-to-send message templates that will declare our state in the most literal way. In addition, we have negative aspects that we feel while trying to make us feel our closeness in the distance. We have attitudes that spoil the awe in the rite of sincerity.

“It's a kind of sincerity ritual that I feel more human by showing my suffering to myself and others, as long as it does not ask for a cost from me”, said Kemal SAYAR.

With the transportation of our graves outside of the cities, the transformation of our funeral transport vehicles into closed vehicles, and the death of people in intensive care units, where it is not possible to see even their relatives, not at home; death also moved away from our lives. This forgotten truth reminded itself again during the pandemic process. He re-engraved the fact that anything can happen at any moment into our memories. The pandemic process, which has become a global epidemic, did not only remind us of death! At the same time, it disrupted our psychology, separated us from each other, darkened our future. In this uncertainty; We are neither able to fulfill our last duty to our kingdoms as per circumcision, nor can we throw a handful of soil into his grave. We remember death, we cannot feel that we will come from the ground and go to the ground. In this time of worst loneliness, people who were sent off on their last journey fell into the same situation as those who stayed behind. Now, every cemetery is a cemetery for orphans, a morbidity that should not be buried but should be exterminated.

“A civilization that cannot solve its problems is a corrupt civilization. A civilization that sacrificed its principles for the sake of deceit and deception is a dying civilization, ”said Aime CESAİRE.

We met a month ago. When we met, he was the first to open the conversation saying “what are you doing with my brother-in-law”. Then he continued his conversation, saying, "My nephew and the kids are doing it." After 3-5 minutes of quick talk and asking for permission, his last word was: “Take care of our girl. I love her so much. May Allah perpetuate your home ”.

Turns out he was sick. He just learned he has lung cancer. When his condition worsened, he was taken to Konya and admitted to the Faculty of Medicine. While struggling with this disease, the corona test was also positive. Disease after illness, trouble after trouble ...

Then we got the news! He has delivered his soul, in the cold rooms of the intensive care unit. They have taken down his lifeless body to the morgue where there are refrigerators made up of drawers. A tag on the toe with a piece of rag attached to his head to keep his chin closed


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