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They do what nobody dares

They do what nobody dares They do what nobody dares to They are members of a profession that nobody dares to do.

They do what nobody dares

They do what nobody dares to

They are members of a profession that nobody dares to do. Gassals, who wash and shroud the people who are sent off on their last journey to their relatives after they say goodbye to life, sometimes make the final touches to close to 10 funerals a day, they cannot control their tears when they meet babies and young people, and sometimes they touch the long-waited funerals that no one can even approach. But they love their profession.

Gassalism is a very difficult profession that maybe we never even thought of doing. Touching dead bodies every day, washing them, cleaning them, and perpetuating them is a very difficult task. However, the gassals, who do this profession, do their jobs with their own preferences. 8 gassals, 3 of whom are women and 3 of whom are also imams, working at the Funeral Services and Cemeteries Branch Directorate of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality are also very pleased with their profession as they improve their human values ​​besides the reward of washing hundreds of funerals annually.

Gassals Ramazan Yörük and Ayşe Gürsoy, who work in the City Cemetery, opened the gas station to UAV and shared how they do their profession and feel.

“I'm committed to this profession. I do my job fondly ”

Ramazan Yörük, 55, married and father of two children, who started to work as an imam and gassal in the Metropolitan Municipality after spending 23 years of his 28-year civil service life at the Directorate of Religious Affairs, said that being gassal is his choice.

Yörük said, “Gassalism is not something everyone can do, there is both shivering, fear and not everyone dare to do this. But I devoted myself to this profession because I gathered my courage and found myself brave. I also love my job. I am continuing this task as carefully as I can. Everyone is happy with us. Of course, there are moments when we shiver and fear. A one-month, 20-day, 40-day funeral is coming. When the remains on the mountain, stinky, worm-infected bodies arrive, we first disinfect them, we wash them as much as we can without disturbing the integrity of the funeral, and then we wrap them in oilcloth and then in a shroud.

"We are not afraid, we are not afraid"

Expressing that this profession has a lot of rewards and that he chose this profession in order to attain this reward, Yörük stated that he sometimes received different reactions from his surroundings and said, "Are you not afraid, do not you shiver, how do you eat with that hand" but we wear gloves while washing and we are very pleased. After our work is done, we disinfect our hands and go to our house cleanly. We are not afraid, we do not shiver. We do it to be closer to the sunnah of our prophet.

My wife and children are also satisfied with my duty and they welcome me, they got used to it ”.
Emphasizing that he wanted to continue his profession for 4-5 years, Yörük suggested gassalism as a profession and said, “I want everybody to do this profession both as circumcision and definitely someone should do this job. To my friends and surroundings


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