The road cut becomes stony

The road cut becomes stony For a few days, neither did I want to take this pen in my hand, nor did I want to see it.

The road cut becomes stony

For a few days, neither did I want to take this pen in my hand, nor did I want to see it. I don't lose any books, my eyes are on dictionaries.

I used to believe in the skies, but you showed me the depths of the seas, ”says the poet (Yannis Ritsos). I've always believed that poets and writers never write shortly.

Our elders sitting on our wooden chairs, our children who asked them for their grandfather's sake, disappeared. I have always been afraid of the places where the "valet" s and the "badys" wait at their gates.

It would be counterintuitive to give the car key to someone he did not know at all because he got angry with his child and could not finish the installment because of slamming his door. This culture was not mine. It does not appeal to my soul, culture, or wallet.

After making the decision that I will no longer account for tomorrow, I wanted to live the rest of my life without tomorrow. That's how I do it. I entered the class of those who do not keep a watch on the road. An hour can take a day in my life after that. That's why I say to myself "Hang On, Live Your Life".

I know the area on the map, I have saved it in my memory. My wonder is fixed by my experiences, they are also in my memory. I love getting lost in mountains, forests and country roads. Unintentionally you encounter new places, new faces, new cultures.

So today I went / went to a place like this. Believe me, you can't go if you set your time and money. If you had a companion you wouldn't go again, why? "A Shortcut Becomes Stony" , you will compromise and fear.

The target is clear, but the road is complicated. I got directions. Well, when I came here, the person I got directions insists on not leaving without drinking a sip of water from this spring. We say okay with my fellow traveler.

Sometimes human beings say something like this; "I haven't seen a place like this in my life." You don't need to go to the Asian steppes. You can experience the excitement of the terraces of the world, Tibet peaks and Nepalese steppes here. You do not need to install the movie set / platform again. Get lost on the roads, get lost, come here.

In the country under the rule of the Tanrı Mountains, where the Manas Epic was born, which contains the traces of Turkish mythology and steppe culture, there are 19 mountains with a height of more than 4 thousand meters and 22 valleys with a length of more than 50 kilometers. I could not even count the valleys here.

The Tanrı Mountains covers approximately 65 percent of the country's land, which consists of high mountains and the valleys between them. This is why Kyrgyzstan is called "Switzerland of Central Asia" . There are green valleys and plateaus in Kyrgyzstan instead of deserts and steppes in Central Asia.

Let me tell you which plateau in this region we are going. Should I start off the king roads? Am I talking about endemic vegetation waiting to be discovered?

Here is the name of this plateau; "Elbalak Plateau"

Anamur's Akine village is one of the highest, steep and rocky plateaus of the Taşeli Plateau in the Central Taurus Mountains, where the Nomads settled in the summer months.

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