Inspection Someone said, "Life consists only of things unexpected for weak beings.


Someone said, "Life consists only of things unexpected for weak beings." Did they suggest that our eyes should be open and our minds alert at every moment of life? Or was it advised that we should be abstracted from emotion and act with our mind in the face of all kinds of events we encountered?

Anyone who wants to escape from the stifling, annoying and restraining attitude of the city to their homes wants to throw themselves in a quiet spot where there are no monuments of arrogance that want to reach the mountains, the countryside or the sky. This is also the act of knowing the yeast of creation. This purpose, which we can interpret as the act of doing what the heavens commands, in order not to lose the roots, is the only way to have an easy life, to really breathe and to touch the stars. Thus, life's unexpected events will not scare us. Because eating the fruits of real life is better than the wonderful table the world has put in front of us.

The disappearance of the possibility of experiencing summer like summer and winter like winter is hidden in the ingratitude we have shown towards the manna presented to us. It would be unfair to blame only the Jews on this issue. While they were Israelites, they were already wrapped in Judaism. However, do not let that the ungratefulness we have shown towards the halva that the creator has sent down to us has reached the highest stage and the belief of being reckoned with the blessings offered to us has begun to be forgotten, causing us to draw the wrath of Allah on us! We believe that it would not be wrong to say that the partnership of the air, which resembles the summer heat, with the sun gave us the opportunity to make this interpretation. Are we also our faith? Or are we on the way our faith dictates? If you have not left the city yet and are trying to breathe under your masks in the middle of the depression, raise your head and look around. See the state of people who have forgotten their creator and see the fate of the creatures that have been separated from their roots. Each of them has now ceased to rot. Do not complain, "why hasn't the snow still fallen?" It was already obvious that those who saw the wife as a disaster would end up longing for black!

You know, life consisted only of unexpected things for weak beings? Do unexpected things only shatter weak-willed ones? Is all humanity endowed with weak will ?! Is that okay ?! Do these weak-willed people determine the order? O humanity who thinks that it will create mountains, but when it comes to work, it is incapable of creating even the blood of a fly! O Ademoğlu, who lost the seeds of truth by falling into the heedless of challenging his creator! Where are your brothers? Where are your Bel'ams who want to reach the sky? Where do you worship? Where are your sculptures that stand in silence every season? Where are your ancestors that you think owes him wealth? Where are your gods that you idolize with the name of science and worship with excessive value? Are you incapacitated? Are you surprised by unexpected events? In Judaism, you left the Jews behind�


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