Is your covid plan ready for the winter?

Is your covid plan ready for the winter? In winter, the immune system weakens, children get sick more often.

Is your covid plan ready for the winter? In winter, the immune system weakens, children get sick more often. If we take into account the increasing virus cases, it is useful to prepare for the coming winter months now.

We learned what to do against the corona virus, what the process might require, last spring. Now is the time to remember them and take our guards, strengthen the defense.

Take precautions against flu and other diseases

We know that COVID-19 takes advantage of the weak immune system. Therefore, it is not a good idea to deal with any disease this winter, it is necessary to take precautions. We should care about having our checks against childhood diseases and completing the missing vaccinations of children, if any. But of course, we need to make sure that not only children, but also we do not bring home any illnesses such as the flu. Even a simple cold can have significant consequences. It is important to be more careful than ever and to take precautions to the highest level.

Get help caring for the children

The increasing number of cases may force the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee to take action. We learned that this time we need to get help in the care of children against all kinds of situations. You can talk to family members and relatives to make joint plans for children and make action plans for necessary situations. Consider alternative scenarios where workplaces will be open and schools closed, and review the work from home and annual leave processes.

The last year has been a challenge for both adults and children. Depression increased and children especially moved away from social life. Of course, the fact that parents and children spent a long time together strengthened relationships and ties. Many parents say they have the chance to find more time for their children to develop. But when things start to go wrong, there is no need to complicate the situation for ourselves. Experts suggest that mothers and fathers lower the bar for parenting a little, keeping peace in the foreground.

Take care of your family's mental well-being

The pandemic has been a very challenging process both economically and emotionally. The biggest problem is that our anxiety levels rise too high. Thinking about the future and even tomorrow is enough for us to take a difficult path.

Experts' advice is that we put aside all kinds of news and bad situation scenarios, put the unity of the family and mental health above all else. It is necessary to continue to establish routines in the house and to continue the existing ones. Although we are at home, routines such as bedtime, meal time, and sleep time help keep us mentally resilient. Of course, it is necessary not to wander around the house in pajamas all day, and to help children get dressed and brush their teeth every morning before breakfast and realize that they are starting the new day.

It is also extremely important to plan weekly activities. Being unable to get out of the house pushes you to find changes inside the house. We can change the atmosphere in the house by producing activities such as cinema night, pizza weekend.


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