What is CMM?

What is CMM? CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) is known as a coordinate measuring system.

What is CMM?

CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) is known as a coordinate measuring system.

Touch triggers and scans along the X, Y, and Z axes using a visual probe to identify a set of precise points on the surface of an object. Tools used to accurately measure the geometry of an object are called CMMs. These devices perform the measurement process by detecting separate points on the object surface with a probe. Various types of probes are used in CMM measurements, including mechanical, optical, laser and white light. CMM devices are high precision devices. They can make precise measurements that are almost under one micron.

How CMM Works

The head of the CMM system, which is connected to the probe, moves in the X, Y and Z axes and rotates 360 degrees on its axis and thus a versatile measurement opportunity. presents. Control of the probe connected to the machine can be provided manually by an operator or automatically with a computer program. When it touches the object, the point is determined automatically. Some types can also be laser. When the measurement process is completed, the device gives a sound indicating that the measurement at that point is completed. After this warning, another point to be measured is passed. CMM devices for measuring coordinates can be articulated arm, bridge type or laser. Reliable results during CMM measurement It is important to have calibrations done.

Why Do We Need a CMM Device?

Traditional groping methods have their own limits and these inspection methods rely heavily on the skill of the personnel inspecting the parts. A small mistake made by the staff may cause incorrectly manufactured parts to be sent to your customer without being detected. Also, as the production design becomes more refined, parts become more complex. As a result, some features can only be accurately measured with a CMM device.

Inspection processes need to be streamlined and streamlined. CMM inspection provides accurate and repeatable results in a much shorter time to meet ever-increasing customer demands. Ultimately, by getting a CMM device, you save both time and costs.


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