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A Father's Address to Young Generations

A Father's Address to Young Generations The purposes of coming to the world and being human; to lead a healthy and happy life, to be beneficial to family and society.

A Father's Address to Young Generations

The purposes of coming to the world and being human; to lead a healthy and happy life, to be beneficial to family and society. In this parallel, it is to pay its debts and obligations.

The way of this purpose is; To have an appropriate job and profession, to have sufficient assets and to meet their basic needs.

The condition of achieving the basic goals is; It is to follow the blue lines and regions and stay away from the red areas. Otherwise, accidents like traffic accidents, even disasters and deaths may be encountered.

So let's summarize the blue and red lines;

Blue, proper lines; To have a job and a profession by working, to learn, to teach, to be of utmost quality, to be reliable and honest, to be filled with the feelings of LOVE, RESPECT, PATIENCE, LOYALTY in our common life. Because you will see the exact response of these feelings

- Throughout your life; Be harmonious (compatible), reconciled, soft, tolerant, transparent, compassionate and kind.

- Strongly defend your debt and timing in your work and life.

- Give importance to your beliefs and moral values, your past and your future, and fulfill your responsibilities.

- In your expenses; Be thrifty, generous, cautious, cautious. Never overdo it. Because “it damages the bowl of sharp vinegar”. Be planned, neat, clean and tidy. You pay attention to your speaking style. "Because people are greeted with their clothes, and farewelled with their behavior".

- Yes, dear son, while watching the blue lines, always stay away from the red lines and areas, never forget the gratitude of the blessings you have been given. Perform your debt in any environment.

- Major ones of the red lines; Such as laziness, dislike work, not working or working less, wasting ... "Because waste makes people poor, saving makes people rich".

- Incompatibility, inconsistency, insecurity, insecurity, lies, slander, bad habits, pride, arrogance, egoism, lack of love / respect also make people poor and lonely. Not keeping promises, insecurity are the main bad habits in society.

- Being excessive, being offended for a long time, jealousy, insincerity, insincerity, secrecy, insolence, vengefulness, hypocrisy, abusiveness, irritability, complex behaviors and negative attitudes, not being true… It leaves a person alone and unhappy.

If we want success and happiness, travel on blue lines away from red lines and get your dust and good habits. Blue areas increase the profit and earning values ​​of a lifetime person and you become a profitable person.

We wish you to be children who read a lot, work hard, take example, set an example, have good moral values, stay away from bad habits…
Trust is life's greatest reference, and adopt confidence-building behaviors…

From the Book of Human and Morals



18 Kas 2020 - 12:30 -

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