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Where is Yunus Emre in the Ottoman Archive?

Where is Yunus Emre in the Ottoman Archive? Wander Urum and Damascus The upper provinces public I searched a lot, couldn't find it Stretch and selfish like this? .

Where is Yunus Emre in the Ottoman Archive?

Wander Urum and Damascus
The upper provinces public
I searched a lot, couldn't find it
Stretch and selfish like this? ...

His Holiness Yunus Emre says, I visited Damascus, Anatolia and the Caucasus in this quatrain.

Accordingly, the traces he left in the places he went to returned to him as an office and a tomb.

In Anatolia, there is a serious ownership between Eskişehir and Karaman. There is a district, Yunus Emre Kulliye, statue and tomb in Eskişehir, and in Karamanda there is a neighborhood, mosque and tomb in his name.

Yunus Emre is one of the most famous thinkers and poets of the Muslim Turkish world.

Yunus Emre Turkish ownership in many parts of the world and even Turkey's pride is an event.

However, it is certain that Yunus Emre, whose graves are found in almost a dozen places, is in one place.

All but one of these tombs are symbols and these tombs or tombs erected by the appreciative Turkish people in order to send Fatiha more closely and to be honored are called maqams.

While searching for answers to the question of Where is Yunus Emre from?

Karaman Yunus Emre Lodge Foundation

Where is Yunus Emre from the Ottoman archives? The documents that I will convey as an answer to the question will shed light on the subject to a great extent.

On June 29, 1745, upon the request of Seyit Ahmet Efendi, the judge of Karaman, upon the request of Şeyhülislam Piri Zade Mehmet Efendi, the Yunus Emre foundation was deemed appropriate for Sheikh Sun'ullah Caliph.

In 1760/1175, Karaman Kadısı İbrahim Efendi wrote to Istanbul:

"The forgiveness and forgiveness of Allah in the Karaman - the forgiveness and forgiveness of Allah with him- The zaviyedar of the dervish lodge belonging to the foundation of Yunus Emre, and Seyit Ali, who is still the head of the board of trustees of the foundation, died and had no children, this duty was assigned to a worthy person named İsmail Khalifa. our request and the decision belongs to our supreme sultan. "

1780 - Karaman Governor Ali Pasha says about Yunus Emre:

After a long time passed over the dome of the dome of Hankah of his dignitaries Yunus Emre, who was known to the whole world - God bless his secret - who radiated light to Anatolia from great sheikhs and scientists, a rift was formed and it was about to collapse and even entered into a danger. Since this hankah is about to collapse in a situation where even repair is not possible, 2 000 kurus should be allocated for its reconstruction. Two thousand kuruş is the closest estimate to the truth of experts and scientists, and it is urgently necessary to build this hankah of the saints and saints as a respect. I submit to our supreme sultan.

Upon this offer, Sultan Abdulhamit I, the sultan of the time, allocates the requested cash from the inheritance of the late Hafız Mustafa Pasha.

1670 - Evliya Çelebi writes the following while describing the places of visit of the late Karaman:

"The mother of Hazreti Mevlana, Karamanoğlu Gazi İbrahim Bey is in the madrasa. Sheikh Ali Sultan is also praised in his madrasa. In the lodge of Karabaş Sultan, his nibs Molla Fenari, Damascus


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