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Attention should be paid to a healthy diet to prevent cancer.

Attention should be paid to a healthy diet to prevent cancer.

Attention should be paid to a healthy diet to prevent cancer.

Nutrition and Diet Specialist, Dyt. Havva Kılınç, pointing to the importance of nutrition in preventing cancer, said, "Cancer is a disease caused by the uncontrolled proliferation of some cells in any part of the body and destroying cells that have a certain function. One of the most important needs in a quality life is healthy nutrition." warned.

In the statement made by Medicana Avcılar Hospital, Kılınç gave information about the diet that should be done to prevent cancer.

In the studies conducted, Kılınç stated that colon cancers are more common in people fed with a low fiber diet than high fiber fed populations, "Pulp is found in the outer parts of grains and legumes, vegetables and fruits. The consumption of pulp foods should be increased. The minimum amount of pulp in adults should be taken daily. It is 25-30 grams. Sugar and sugary sweets, simple carbohydrates (such as white bread, rice), ready-made fruit juices should be replaced by whole grain bread, bulgur, legumes and fruits and vegetables. used expressions.

Reminding that 5 portions of fruits and vegetables should be consumed a day, Kılınç said, "Oil seeds, cereal products, legumes, fruits and dried plants that are not well stored in humid and hot regions become moldy. Some of the molds produce various toxins. Some of these toxins produce various toxins. Some of these toxins, such as aflatoxins, cause cancer. Cancer-causing molecules can be formed in foods during improper cooking methods. Especially when protein foods are fried at high temperatures or smoked with smoke, cancer-causing molecules may form in their composition. found the evaluation.

Kılınç warned that nitrites and nitrates added to meat products may turn into nitrosamines in the digestive device.

"Nitrosamines are carcinogenic. It has been reported that excessive intake of salt also contributes to the formation of such molecules. Alcohol, cigarettes, foods containing additives should not be consumed or minimized, since they have been found to be associated with cancer. Vitamin A plays a role in the production and renewal of epithelial tissue, which is the protective tissue of the body.It has been suggested that when the structures of these tissues are damaged in vitamin A deficiency, the formation of cancer in the esophagus, urinary tract, skin, stomach and lungs increases.

Vitamin C prevents the conversion of nitrites and nitrates taken with water and food into cancer-causing nitsosamines and thus reduces the risk of cancer formation. Examples of foods containing vitamin C are red-green peppers, kiwi, orange, strawberry, cauliflower-broccoli, parsley, and lemon. Vitamin E reduces the risk of cancer formation due to its antioxidant properties. It is known that minerals such as zinc, calcium and selenium have a protective effect on cancer. "

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