Imagination - 3

Imagination - 3 - Bulent, you look ahead, and I go this way! -Necati, I'm going… Good luck to you.

Imagination - 3

- Bulent, you look ahead, and I go this way!
-Necati, I'm going… Good luck to you.
-What, are you leaving ?! Get out, uh!

Necati thought Serpil might have gone to the pastry shop and started running towards the bakery. Quickly go inside the cake house:

-Mehmet! Did Serpil come here?
-No brother, he didn't come, what happened? Bounce! Look at the man !? It's like the horsemen are coming after him!
-Mehmet! Stop muttering, mind your business!
-Okay master!

Necati ran to the park ahead, but Serpil was not here either. He came back to the place where he talked to Bülent maybe because there were people who saw his daughter. A little ahead was a simit seller.

-Sister, have you just seen a 6 year old girl around here? Blonde hair ..
- Was her dress pink?
-Yes, yes!
- Brother was just talking to an old beggar standing ahead… Oh, where's the beggar gone !?
- Brother, what was he like, did you know the beggar ?! Alas! They kidnapped my daughter! I have to call the police immediately. Help! My daughter has been abducted! Call the police! Call the police!
-Don't panic, sir, why would the beggar kid kidnap his daughter?
-Where is my daughter ?! Where is it ?!
- Brother, why are you screaming at me! Get out of my head, I have work!
- Wait, see, you're going to describe the beggar to the police! I won't leave you!
Let me go! I have no business with the police! I have to sell the bagels or my kids will starve again!
-I take all your bagels! Doubled! Take money! Please help, let's save my daughter!
- Brother, I don't want your money or anything! Just let me go!
- Sir, what's the matter? Did he steal the fox or something?
-Police, what fox? Be serious! My daughter has been abducted! This bagel seller saw the kidnappers of my daughter!
-Okay, let's go to the police station. Fox, come with us!
-Name, I swear I don't know! Please let me take care of my work!
-Tilki, you tell your trouble at the police station!

Necati and the bagel seller soon arrived at the police station

- Sir, you misunderstood me first. We know the simit seller well, his nickname is the Fox.
- Got it!
-Mr. Fox, who kidnapped the girl, tell me quickly!

-My name, there was a beggar on the corner of the street. Pretty old guy, I've never seen it before. In fact, he was not one of the usual beggars. I occasionally watched the beggar while selling bagels. A blonde-haired girl started talking to the beggar. Just then, a few tourists came to me, looked at the bagels and said something to me. I gave them a piece of bagel to taste. The tourists liked the bagel and they asked me. They made me work a little bit as they only had foreign currency. Meanwhile, I forgot the beggar.

-So, whose man do you think is this beggar? Black coho?
-I don't think so. Karayılan does not care about kidnapping! Keg takes care of the kidnapping business, but Barrel is terribly afraid of Karayilan. Let alone kidnapping children, it cannot even pass by in Karayılan's neighborhood. Last year, he overthrew the Karayılan Barrel and cross it over a rocky cliff with lots of stones.


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