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My Father Doesn't Have a Chocolate Factory! What is Economic Freedom?

My Father Doesn't Have a Chocolate Factory! What is Economic Freedom? Money is economic freedom.

My Father Doesn't Have a Chocolate Factory! What is Economic Freedom?

Money is economic freedom. The money in your pocket is safe for you.

Economic freedom, first you will work to collect the money and then you will lose your health to spend those money. Maybe you will sell your assets. You will get rid of one of your troubles and mess with another. On the one hand, you will live like a prisoner. You will sacrifice yourself just for the happiness of others' family lineage. They too will come like a herd of locusts and take away your gains. They will consume their labor and efforts. They will exploit. What is left behind is what you took; You will have earnings, the youth who can not be caught, changing hands.

Economic freedom is to equip yourself with all kinds of weapons by investing in order to produce and consume. When the time comes (health, care, education, nutrition, dressing), it is to fight with those weapons. When a disease is caught, it is money that will repel the disease on its head. Then, when you defeat the disease and stand up, you will start collecting again.

Bondage is the name of that, not freedom? What do you understand about economic freedom? Economic freedom is being able to live without being dependent on anyone and without need.

In fact, there is no such thing as "Economic freedom". There is work, there is struggle. So what are they for? Isn't it for freedom? Why am I like a prisoner then? Like he's trapped indoors. This is the system. Earnings arise from overtime and labor. Some of those earnings are also fed up. Every earning is a labor. Labor is also a flower. Each one smells different. "Fine, but I am the one who labored for those flowers. What will be my condition? Who will feed me? Who will feed it? "I don't know right there, but anyone can feed it. Some give blood, some soul. That person working person was shouting at the person who wanted to keep the economic power. "Am I a machine? If I am a machine, I also have tools, arms and wings, who will repair them? "My body is tired, my soul is tired, who will soot them?

Is so much suffering, work and long shifts necessary for economic freedom? Because if I sit down and eat the money I earn at the restaurant, it will run out immediately. Then I shudder. What's the result? Work, eat. I want to eat full, I see that the salary is all over.

Let us now open our arms to what Allah has given economic freedom. Break the chains with work, let it not light the lamp, put it out under the stove, do not go to the doctor when you get sick, what do you understand about economic freedom? If there is, eating in its sustenance will not come when you do not struggle.

So if we are a prisoner of money, what should we do if our work has tied us in chains? To be happy with our job, to dance, to dance, to laugh, to cheer. It doesn't come to an end anyway, when you think like that, but if we are happy with our job, you hold the end of the rope, that is, the side of the rope, of freedom. You give yourself the right to freedom. So do you halay, dance, dance, dance? Get freedom. You are a prisoner of your chain job. "You too laugh, have fun, talk so pathetic life, what a momentary finding after all 9%


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