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The End of the Road Appears!

The End of the Road Appears! Goodbye Right Baran! A Short Journey with Memories .

The End of the Road Appears!

Goodbye Right Baran!
A Short Journey with Memories ...

Aladağ: It is an upper identity that covers all villages starting from Hadim Eğist and lined up on both sides of Göksu and to Karaman Bucakkışla.

There are around 20 villages under this roof, I personally visited all of these villages and my good memories are reserved.

I continue to write some of these hidden memories crying, some laughing, some sobbing.

In the part of my commercial life between 1995 and 2010, we visited these 20 villages every month, 12 times a year. Sometimes we did not visit during the dark winter days. Sometimes we were stuck in these villages under heavy snow. But we would be at the edge of a friend's hot stove in the evenings.

When the summit between Akçaalan and Kızılca collapsed, the lights of Akçaalan would be evident from above. In general, I was with my lady and our old friend Terzi Ali's plateau was on the road to Baghdad plateau before we arrived at Akçaalan, where we came in the evening. As I came across his house, I would shout: Uncle Ali, if he was there, he would immediately reply with the same tone. If they were in the highland house, we would drive the car there and gather around the open fire in front of the modest highland house and chat for a long time. Meanwhile, Aunt Şerife prepared mountain tea for us over a wood fire and we drank glasses.

If the late Uncle Ali was not on the plateau, we would go straight to Akçaalan and pull the car in front of his house like our own. If he was not at home, we would find the key from under the wardrobes and enter. His son Lütfi and his bride did not look like him, and they welcomed us every time we arrived.

Above, we used to open our counter in the village square in the morning and make our sales. By noon, Ali's uncle's bride would come out with the table in his hand. When he came to take the table, he would bring the brewed tea wrapped in cloth with him. Oh my God, what a humanity, what a hospitality! Believe me, we have become like a mother, a father, a brother, and it is impossible to pay their rights financially.

Although we usually bring Akçaalan in the evening, sometimes we would go to Ada village after Kalaba. There was good shopping here too. Here, Hakkı Baran and his dear friend Hanife welcomed us.

This family, which I have been seeing since 1975, has been our family friend since Kadimü'l-eyyam, just like the Terzi Ali uncle's family in Akçaalan. If we were going to have dinner on the island, we would call Hanife lady beforehand and tell her to make “Mesli Pilaf” for us, she prepared it and we ate Meşli pilaf with butter like my mother's table with the yogurt of her own cows.

One of my favorites of these two villages, and even all Aladağ villages, is that they put the food on a single tray or a large plate. In Sinide, the main dish is placed on a tray and yogurt is served in a separate bowl, salads in a separate pan, and rice in another plate. Teas are ready to drink immediately after a meal

After we made our sales in the village square of the island, we would park our truck next to the house of my dear friend and one of my first students, Hakkı Baran, and enter his house like our own.


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