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1101 Second Crusade Army Konya and Ermenek Wars (4)

1101 Second Crusade Army Konya and Ermenek Wars (4) Immediately after the war in Merzifon, "Seljuk Sultan I.

1101 Second Crusade Army Konya and Ermenek Wars (4)

Immediately after the war in Merzifon, "Seljuk Sultan I. Kılıç Arslan, ... had heard that a second Crusader army crossed into Anatolia and was advancing in the direction of Konya." [1]

“The count of Nevers walked from Ankara via Kulu-Cihanbeyli to Konya and Sultan Kılıç Arslan caught him on this road on August 13 and fought for three days (13 + 3 = until 16 August), ... Turks We believe that it would be a more correct view to accept that the Crusaders, who were constantly disturbed by the Crusaders, finally reached Konya. ”[2]

“After that, the Nevers army was attacked by Turkish forces along the way and finally reached Konya. But the Crusaders saw that the city with strong walls was defended by a strong Turkish garrison.

However, they attacked the walls with great audacity, but the Turkish garrison inside resisted with the same fierce and many people died from both sides. When the Crusaders attacked the city for a whole day and could not achieve results, the count [3] found it more appropriate to gather his army and set out from Konya. Probably his intention was to reach the Mediterranean coast by the shortest way and reach the territory of Antakya Crusader state by moving from here.
But more than 300 people died badly in the army, which suffered terrible thirst for three days along this route. The rest, however, were exhausted and unable to resist anything. Due to the pain of this intolerable thirst, some of the pilgrims climbed a hillside, hoping that we might find water, but what they saw here was just a ruined and abandoned site, but they could not find the water they hoped for.

Because all resources and wells were either filled or made unusable by the Turks.

According to Albertus' testimony, after this time, Turks realized that the Nevers army was completely weakened due to thirst and that they could no longer resist seriously and immediately surrounded them and shocked them.

The battle was fought in August, when the hot sun was scorching and the thirst reached its most intolerable. Many people died on both sides during the violent war that continued all day.

The Turks had finally defeated the Christians and forced them to flee in a legal manner. " [4]

It is stated in the sources that the Crusader army, which reached Konya on August 16, 1101 and was later destroyed, remained about 700 people. The second Crusader army, which was advancing towards the southeast of Konya (Çumra - Dinek Saray direction), was attacked at every opportunity in 1101, and their numbers were reduced with each new attack as they progressed. Many were killed in the forest areas they passed through.

Although their pursuit in the direction of Ermenek, starting from Konya on August 16, was recorded as three days, they reached Altıntaş Plateau sometime between 19-21 August.

Grassland around Altıntaş�% B


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