On Nevzat Dağlı and "Karaman's Sheep" Poem ...

On Nevzat Dağlı and "Karaman's Sheep" Poem .

On Nevzat Dağlı and "Karaman's Sheep" Poem ... On the Master of Words and Yergi, Karaman Folk Poet Nevzat Dağlı and the Poem "Karaman's Sheep" ...

Throughout the history of Anatolia, there have been bold, fearless, folk poets who opposed the corrupt and defective aspects and injustices of individuals and society, who scorned them.

These are briefly, sir.

Necati, who lived at the time of the development of Turkish Divan poetry, shouts:

"If Nidelum offers a period, sherbet me, zehr
This world would be like this, gah to me, g to you. ”

Pir Sultan Abdal, who lived a hundred years after Necati, was arrested on the order of Sivas Governor Hızır Pasha and was hanged when it was understood that he would not break his promise:

"Come on, Hızır Pasha
Your wheel breaks too
The sultan you trust
He will be overthrown one day. ”

A hundred years after Pir Sultan Abdal, Nefî was a great master of words who wrote the sharpest satires of Divan literature. His satire in response to Sheikh-ul-Islam Yahya Efendi, a famous poet like him, is very famous:

"Mufti master called us infidels
I'm pause, I say mother, Müselman
On arrival, tomorrow to Divan-ı Hakk
It's a lie, as soon as we both leave. ”

A hundred years after Nefi, the Dertli criticizes those who say that playing saz is a sin:

"Stringed saz, this is the name
Neither listens to verse nor qadi
The moments playing this are their
Where is the devil in this?

If you took ablution, it doesn't say you took it
If you performed prayers, you wouldn't say you performed
He does not eat haram like a woman
Where is the devil in this. ”

A hundred years after the sufferer, Ruhsati, who expresses the rich-poor distinction with his verses, says:

"The rich man's phaeton crosses the mountains
It goes astray on the plain plain
The rich man's halva is cooked with honey
Nobody can find flour for everything. ”

One hundred years after Ruhsati, if Nevzat Dağlı, the People's Poet from Karaman, is like “greeting from Karaman to those pleasant sounds remaining in the sky dome:

“What did this sheep see, what did it go through,
He carried torches in a war environment.
Sleepily his own language scratched his personal home;
He taught the Seljuks, even if it exceeds its height,
He made Turkish a flag, Karaman's Sheep.

Sheikh Edebali gave advice to the gentlemen from his mouth.
Kirişçi became Baba, and he came to Yunus Emre.
Piri Reis, Zembilli, Nefise Sultan saw it;
The descendants of Atatürk, who lived in Taşkale,
He was proud to see Karaman's Sheep.

He became Şıh Ali Sultan in Gazi Alp quarry,
He became a Nizami, Gufrani, and Ummi Sinan.
A Şemseddin Fenari Molla became a believer;
Gaferiyat village of Kazim Karabekir,
Dedicated to the hero Karaman's Sheep.

Bekir Sıtkı Erdoğan put the longing into words,
What he told the innkeeper he added salt to the wounds.
How many poets from Karaman rope the vuslat


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