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Yunus Emre Emigrated from Karaman

Yunus Emre Emigrated from Karaman Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) offered $ 200 banknotes into circulation on 1 January 2009.

Yunus Emre Emigrated from Karaman

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) offered $ 200 banknotes into circulation on 1 January 2009.. The banknotes bear the signatures of the then Central Bank President Durmuş Yılmaz and his deputy Erdem Başçı. Banknotes are on the market, but Yılmaz and Başçı are no longer in the Central Bank.

"What is the relation of Karaman with a 200 TL banknote?" If you ask, I say there is no interest between them.

If I say, "Whoever reads this article till the end, 200 TL will be given as a gift of Karamandancom", don't believe it. By reading this article, you will not get 200 TL, but you will be aware of more valuable information.

$ 200 banknote is the highest banknote in circulation in Turkey. Before this banknote was released, the CBRT made an announcement in 2006. In the announcement, it was announced that a 200 TL banknote will be issued and on the back of this banknote, "Yunus Emre's representational drawing, his mausoleum, the rose motif on the lines, the dove motif symbolizing peace and brotherhood, and the lines" Let's Love and Love "will be used. .

"Owner proprietor
You know the first owner of this
Goods and property are lies
There's a little bit of you hanging around. ”
Saying Yunus Emre, in the irony of fate, he established the throne on the back of our biggest money.

The line "Let's Love Be Loved" on the 200 TL bill was noticed too late. On social media, this line was detached from the context of the poem and even became a joke.

Unfortunately, a very important feature that will make Karaman sit up and lift him up, unfortunately, did not attract the attention of anyone. The mausoleum on the 200 TL banknote was included as proof that Yunus Emre was either emigrated from Karaman or was kidnapped.

The mausoleum on the banknote is a drawing of a part of the Yunus Emre Complex near the Mihaliççik District of Eskişehir.

In the days when Yunus Emre Mosque and tomb were lost among the multi-storey buildings in Karaman, Eskişehir was making a place for Yunus Emre both in his heart and in his bosom. If the works done in Eskişehir on behalf of Yunus Emre were taken out, they would not fit on the pages. Over the years, hundreds of products that lighten a hundred have been produced. Even the posters of the events organized for Yunus Emre are a source of pride in themselves.

The reason I count and pour them out is not to praise Eskişehir. My daughter, I am telling you, my bride, you understand ” is a lament. Saying “Yunus Emre Karamanlı” does not turn out the way you want.

Although the 200 TL banknote never entered the wallets of many people, it created a new opportunity for those who want to make Yunus Emre a native of Eskişehir.

In my articles, there were frequently sentences stating that "Karaman was far from information and he listened to gossip because of the lack of transparency". Turkish Language Festival and Yunus Emre Commemoration Events were held regularly in Karaman.

Yunus Emre gave speeches, his poems were read, and beauties were made at these events�


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