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A Headscarf Victim in Karaman

A Headscarf Victim in Karaman Saturday, November 26, 1927, [1] Karaman.

A Headscarf Victim in Karaman

Saturday, November 26, 1927, [1] Karaman.

In a dim room where the tin stove was trying to heat up, a young teacher [2] was responding to the questions of the magistrate inspector. [3]

It was determined by the inspectors that the young teacher did not “work with a hat at the head of schools and private teaching institutions, and that he attended lessons with a headscarf in the Koran and religion lessons” [6], despite the general tuition number 2454/199 of the Konya Education Directorate [4]. [7]

-Where and on what date do you teach [school] at the school [teacher] and which grade are you busy with [education]? What is your name?

-I am the fourth teacher of Şems'ül-maârif [8] in the Karaman Second Miscellaneous [Karma] School. My name is Latîfe Nûrân.

-I did not see your head covered with a "hat" when I attended your second lesson today (the Quran, religion lessons). Didn't you know that serving this way is prohibited [prohibited]?

- I knew that it was happy [forbidden] to enter the classrooms wearing a headscarf. However, since my lesson was religious lesson and I was going to have the Quran read in front of me, I entered with a headscarf. I do not attend other classes without a hat as per order. ”

So, is it disrespectful to teach with the head open? Is there any clarity [clarity] about the teaching of this lesson with the headscarf in the given order?

-No, I did not act with the refusal of the given order. If I had known it was wrong without thinking, yes I would open a be’s [beis].

-While you have an explicit [clear] order in hand, is your action with ijtihad [opinion] correct? During your inspection of your lesson in Teşrînievvelde [October] again, I saw it in such a condition and reminded the order and had it signed.

-Yes, you reminded me. However, I have acted otherwise on the thought of [excluding] the lesson from other lessons.

- Instructions, orders, orders give an exception [privilege] to this lesson, or is it your ijtihad?

-I have argued first that there is no order in the instructions for this lesson. I did not think that way [9].

-According to this state, it is understood that your personal thoughts conflict with programs, orders and talîmatnâmes has become îtiyat [habit] in you. What do you think?

-This personal thought is not a central wrong thought, but a misunderstanding. Otherwise it is not a bigotry [blind devotion]. I was going to attend all the other lessons that you [enlightened] that you have ordered, without a head.

& # 042 & # 042 & # 042

The result of this investigation; Latîfe Nûrân Hanım was abolished [removed] from her post at the Karaman Şems'ül-maârif School.

It remained open until 31 May 1932 and Muğla�% 8


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