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Muhtar Father's Seal

Muhtar Father's Seal Ready or not, one day you will come to an end.

Muhtar Father's Seal

Ready or not, one day you will come to an end.

When the day comes, your wealth, anger, grudge, anger, disappointment, hopes, passions, plans and what you want to do will no longer matter. So what's important.

It's not what you get, it's what you give.

It is not what we learned, but what we teach. Truthfulness, honesty, compassion, sacrifice and courage is that you have enriched other lives with every step you take.

It is your characters, not your abilities. Being an exemplary person that encourages other people and enables them to follow you.

It is not how many people you know but the number of people who will feel eternal deprivation when you leave.

“It is not how long you will be remembered, but how you will be remembered by whom. Living an important life is not by accident. It is your choices, not the circumstances, that matter. Let's choose to live an important life. " (Ahmet Şerif İzgören)

On the way from Karaman Kervansaray Square to the Seki Bath side, there was a tin shop of our brother “Mithat Demirayak” close to the back of the Military Office. On the way to Vegetable Market, our late uncle "Mehmet Ali Yapar" had a tin shop. These are the ones close to our shop.

Those who are currently 65 years of age or older remember well. There used to be tin piggy banks. It was made from Vita Oil boxes. They used to solder the gold and the gold. They used to benefit from a place up to 2.5 Lira, the largest coin of the time. Here is a piggy bank. I remember the different sized ones.

We had such a piggy bank in our shop. This piggy bank was the "Muhtar's Moneybox".

My late father, "Şemsi Power", was the mukhtar of the same neighborhood for 27 years without ever leaving. (Seki Çeşme Mahallesi) My father took over the mukhtarship of the deceased "Nail Örs" from our uncle. I knew that in muhtar members, they were always the same. For some reason it would never change. This continued until July 1986. Our brother Ali Armutlu, who was the first member after my father, temporarily held this duty.

As now, mukhtars would not receive a salary. They would seal some printed documents that I can remember, such as a certificate of residence, a copy of a identity card, and in return, they would put a coin in the money box, which is the cost of a seal from individuals.

They would know my father's seal as soon as all official offices looked. How you say; In the middle of the seal, only these could be read "TC, …… District Headquarters". The other sides were not read. I do not understand why it was like that even today. He would press the seal on the stamp and give it warmth with a breath, ohhh, before pressing the document in his palm, and then stamp the seal on the paper.

I know that the unreadable mukhtar seal put some of my friends in a difficult situation. I ask them to be halal on behalf of my late father.

Let's get to "Muhtar's Moneybox."

When the piggy bank did not buy coins anymore, it was cut from the top, along with a few members of the members. The coins in it are counted ma


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