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Bruises can be a sign of leukemia

Bruises can be a sign of leukemia Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine Pediatric Hematology Oncology Department Lecturer Prof.

Bruises can be a sign of leukemia

Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine Pediatric Hematology Oncology Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Alphan Küpesiz reported that the bruises seen on the children's body, nose and gum bleeding can also be a symptom of leukemia.

Küpesiz said in a statement to the AA correspondent that the leukemia treatment seen in 4 out of every 100,000 children covers two years of the ALL type and 1.5 years in the other group.

Noting that leukemia is a cancer type and is known as marrow or blood cancer among the public, Küpesiz said, "This disease is cancer of some bone marrow cells. There are international protocols after diagnosis. When we apply the drugs we use in the treatment of leukemia on time and with certain criteria, 90% There is a success rate of up to. " he spoke.

Noting that stem cell transplantation is performed in leukemia patients who are resistant to treatment, persistent, recurrent type, Küpesiz said that the curability level of this disease was very low 20-30 years ago, reaching 90% today.

Expressing that leukemia is perceived as a "very serious fatal disease" in the society, Küpesiz emphasized that they are trying to raise awareness of the families that leukemia is a treatable disease.

Noting that leukemia is more common in young children, Küpesiz said:

"We need a little struggle and a little support in the treatment of leukemia. As a center in the university hospital, we try to provide all kinds of social and medical support. Parents ask a lot about the cause of leukemia. Radiation is one of the most common causes, but we are all exposed to chemicals, industrial foods. It is difficult to find a real cause for every patient.Therefore, it is necessary to have a balanced diet and to have regular controls.Leukemia has symptoms such as bruises in the body, nose and gum bleeding, weakness, fatigue, fever. In these cases, definitely go to the doctor. "

- TÜRKÖK reduced dependence on abroad

Stating that chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation is an effective method in the treatment of leukemia, Küpesiz emphasized that they use new drugs especially for stubborn and recurrent types.

Turkey Stem Cell Center (Turko) hand-rail that they work together with the team, "Turko has scored great success in recent years. Stem cells increased the number of donors. Turko bank, their chances of availability of stem cells and tissue compatibility too because it increases no more than abroad We became less dependent. We started to find donors from abroad rather than abroad, we now make our transfers mostly through TÜRKÖK and Kızılay. " gave the information.

Earring has advised parents to take their children for check-ups at least once a year.

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11 Kas 2020 - 11:30 -

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