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And Turkey is starting to vaccination ...

And Turkey is starting to vaccination .

And Turkey is starting to vaccination ...

While Chinese vaccines will start to be shot as of Friday, German vaccines, which will arrive within 10 days, will be tested for two weeks.

The review of the 3 million doses of coronavirus vaccine from China will be completed in the middle of this week. It was stated that the first vaccinations will start to be shot from Thursday or Friday. Turkey began the distribution of vaccines in general. The Ministry of Health previously sent a letter to the relevant institutions to determine the health personnel to be vaccinated. In this respect, the health personnel who request and the citizens over 65 with chronic diseases will be vaccinated respectively.


The second batch of Chinese vaccine will come to Turkey this month. Again, after the 14-day review phase, it will continue to be applied to priority groups. Meanwhile, the German biontech company that developed the vaccine consists of 500 thousand doses of the first batch is expected to arrive in Turkey within 10 days. According to the evaluations made by the Scientific Committee, the application of the German vaccine to those with allergies was not found correct. This vaccine after the 14-day review process, after reaching Turkey, in what circumstances and to whom will be announced on planning for implementation.


Although it was announced that the vaccination would be made with an interval of 14 days, the increase of this period to 28 days afterwards caused controversy in the public opinion. The reason was explained by the long time between the first dose and the second dose of the vaccine, and the increased antibody rate. In the evaluations in the board; In the volunteer trials, it was determined that the antibody produced by the vaccine after 28 days was twice the antibody produced by the dose made after 14 days. He also noted that effective at the opening of the time between vaccinations to the decreasing trend of cases in Turkey.


Citizens to be vaccinated will receive a "consent document" stating that they are vaccinated with their consent. Experts explained the reason why this document, which is not taken in other vaccines, is compulsory for the coronavirus vaccine, "You shoot a vaccine that you immediately put into practice during the epidemic period. The licensing procedures have not been completed, you have decided for emergency use, and such a signature method is introduced to share the responsibility with the citizen."


In the evaluations in the Scientific Committee, it was pointed out that the process until the end of February is critical, measures should continue despite the vaccine, and the slightest slackening will increase the rate of case spread again. Experts say, "If we vaccinate at a significant rate until the end of February, the spread of cases will slow down as of March. We will be much more comfortable like June-July. The important thing is to follow the precautions for the next two months and to vaccinate quickly. This is a critical period for two months."


Until the end of this week, the number of daily cases is expected to decrease to less than 7 thousand, while it is gradually


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