From the Eyes of a Teacher, November 24 Fraud

From the Eyes of a Teacher, November 24 Fraud It was cold.

From the Eyes of a Teacher, November 24 Fraud

It was cold.

Autumn is the season…

The lunch break was just over, and the students were slowly taking their places in the class. I started to climb the stairs, heading slowly towards the corridor, when the noise rose from the upper floor. I accelerated my steps and turned towards the classroom, which is the source of the sounds.

Class 10 / B was as we know it.

Again, they had a difference of opinion on an absurd subject and, like any civilized person, they attempted to solve it by fighting. After a little surprise when they saw me in front of them, they gathered themselves up and took their place with quick steps.

I was not only the branch teacher but also the responsible teacher of the class. Nobody wanted to mess with me on this issue. Because the school principal would rely on my words and found that the complaints expressed about me were unfounded, often without the need for examination. My job is getting easier on this issue, the adolescents who could not discourage me with threats took the best maneuver worthy of them and dressed as a respect, albeit compulsory.

I deleted the board, hoping that it would happen again. But the tension in the classroom continued in a whisper. It didn't seem like it was going to end even though I met the time for a while. It was not possible for me to start the lesson under these conditions. Because in the first question I would ask, allusive words that would trigger tension within the classroom would fly. Students of this age have a narrow view of the world that they think that only they understand such movements. You don't need to be a teacher, even if you chat, it won't take long for you to discover it.

After a while, I made my final decision and decided to postpone the lesson and focus on the problem in the class. Towards the classroom, I rolled my eyes and asked the world's simplest question: "What's wrong?"

When I asked the question to the class, the people in the class were all buzzing about the issue. They were simultaneously talking, answering and simultaneously claiming that they were right. I think the final breakthrough between adolescence and childhood is the so-called “parallel game”. Know who knows, if you put five or ten children around the age of five in the same room, they all start talking, answering and playing a game they know at the same time. This is called parallel play and it is an important definition in psychology about the inability of children to be coordinated.

After waiting for a while, I started talking in a tone dictating them to be quiet. Now, with a smarter move, I would take turns to speak and avoid taunts. The lesson I was planning to teach while entering the classroom was already history; instead, I found myself looking for a middle ground around a crazy topic.

The issue was that the girls talked one after another.

Can you imagine?

Excluding relativity, it was clear that there was no bigger problem in the world.

We were in the bad phase of the gradual relationship between Buse and Deniz, which has now become an ordinary ritual. They were such a duo that they walk around as wonderful brides at certain periods of the month; Then Venus hit their zodiac when under the influence of Mercury and suddenly they became two fierce enemies. Solve the problem together in a week


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