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Exposure to radiation and certain chemicals can increase the risk of leukemia.

Exposure to radiation and certain chemicals can increase the risk of leukemia.

Exposure to radiation and certain chemicals can increase the risk of leukemia. It has been stated that exposure to radiation and certain chemicals can increase the risk of leukemia, a type of cancer that occurs in white blood cells in the blood, known as blood cancer.

According to the information obtained by the AA reporter from the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Public Health, leukemia is defined as cancers that originate from cells that would normally turn into different types of blood cells, and it stands out as the most common type of cancer in childhood.

According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), 91 thousand 463 cases were reported in the world in 2018. As such, one third of all cancers seen in childhood are leukemia.

Considering that nearly 300 thousand cancers are seen in children each year, it is estimated that the number of leukemia cases to be seen worldwide every year is approximately 100 thousand.

Turkish Pediatric Oncology Group in Turkey (TPOG) and Turkish Pediatric Hematology Association (TPHD), according to 2009-2019 data, all childhood cancers percent of 25.7, who, according to Ministry of Health data from 32 percent of all childhood cancer cases , 3 of them are leukemia.

- "Childhood leukemias can be cured by 80 percent"

Before many children show symptoms, there is no blood test or other screening tests that are widely recommended for early diagnosis of leukemia. Childhood leukemias can often be diagnosed when it causes symptoms that will allow children to see a doctor. After the application, physicians apply blood tests that may indicate leukemia during the diagnosis process. It is stated that the best way to detect leukemias early is not to overlook the possible symptoms of the disease in question.

In children known to be at high risk of leukemia (such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome or Down syndrome), many physicians follow the condition closely, maintain regular medical check-ups, and in cases of suspicion, additional tests are recommended.

Leukemia, anemia (anemia), susceptibility to infections, frequent illness, high fever, various bleeding such as nose, gum, subcutaneous skin, frequent bruising on the skin, difficulty in stopping bleeding when cut occurs, loss of appetite, weight loss, spleen or It manifests itself with symptoms such as enlarged liver, swelling in lymph nodes, weakness, paleness, fatigue, palpitations, pain in bones and joints, swelling and limitation of movement.

The diagnosis is based on considering the possibility of leukemia while evaluating the patient's complaints and examination findings, and the diagnosis is clarified with blood tests to be performed after leukemia is suspected. Then, bone marrow biopsy, special blood tests and genetic tests are applied.

Childhood leukemias can be cured at a rate of 80 percent. The disease can be treated with success in Turkey and treatment success does not differ from other countries.

- Leukemia treatment in children is provided free of charge under the guarantee of the state



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