My God What These Workers Want

My God What These Workers Want Why blaming the established order in the biscuit factories? Okay, every sector has certain mistakes in certain issues.

My God What These Workers Want

Why blaming the established order in the biscuit factories? Okay, every sector has certain mistakes in certain issues. But there are also principles. Some talks are taken care of at the tables. Those who also put those laws and articles are the ones who sit around that table and present their ideas and suggestions. The best ideas come from sparring. Again with what was spoken around that table. You can never get anywhere by angrily and angrily speaking behind you. Bring your fingers cautiously on each side and press on that bleeding open wound. Because you need each other. If the order of social injustice hurts your skin like a thorn and you want to relieve your wound in order to remove that thorn from there, the solution center of the problem is again those tables. The absence of one never brings peace to the other. So it is the duty of both parties to eliminate the problems and causes by softening them or to make them digestible.

"Employers are money fathers, greedy exploiters, people who do their best to be strong, and who are passionate about this desire and desire. And they always burn with this desire. They are never satisfied and insatiable. They are never satisfied, they are not happy. They despise the workers and again want to get high on their back. Each of them wants to have large markets and be the conqueror of their business. "Being a boss employer" is not the goal they want to achieve. Boss is not arrogant to say employer, but humble, and stand before them like a savior, each of whom cares for his worker. He is respectful, cheerful, free from arrogance, but rather shining with a spark of pride. Evaluates the employees with a fatherly attitude, and asks them about their ideas, which offers them opportunities. It attaches great importance to teamwork and does not ignore workers in search of identity. Because he sets up his factory with the latest technology, after all, it is his workers who will use them.

It takes both of them to dominate the workers, to manage the jobs and to overcome them. Both sides slide, but it is again its workers who have raised it and advanced it towards the eternity of the future. Instead of those who always stand up to the workers, employers who have always been tolerant and kind towards them have also won.

Oh my God, what do these workers want? Regular flows above the minimum wage. Weekend holiday year-end holiday, love respect, justice. A place free of insult and humiliation, Special job prepared for him. A peaceful environment without problems. More time to spare for their home and family. A small hobby social activity. And a sip of happiness. This is the ideal of an ordinary unskilled worker. More is more… And they shouldn't want more, because workers never really want to change the order or change the job in front of them. Because they don't want to be rich like their boss, nor to have a very low income. A life of middle class flows, a passenger that will not let you down, a roofed house, health and wellness. The life of a small shopkeeper, a small artist, a medium-class person, this is the main idea of ​​the life principle of the worker, these are the last.


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