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Should it write or not?

Should it write or not? Very long I haven't written and shared a single word in any of the virtual media for a while.

Should it write or not?

Very long I haven't written and shared a single word in any of the virtual media for a while. There were times when I clenched my teeth and could not control my nerves since I did not write this year for about a year. Now I want to write the reasons for my breaks.

Triviality of labor is one of the biggest factors. You give time, exhibit the accumulation of years, if you are going to write something scientific, you do some research and share the article. Understanding that it is not read from the comments made causes you to be stabbed once. If you write "This is our dinner today" and are not liked and shared as much as the person who shares a picture, you get the second hit. It is given with a comment that is not related to the article you wrote, such as "You wrote politically, I do not agree with your opinions" without reading the article in the last coup.

A writer hopes to be right when they write. I am one of those who pray to be wrong in every article. When I wrote that there was no terrorist organization called Ergenekon, when I wrote 'tutelary', the relationship between the community and the AKP as an illegitimate relationship, 'infidel', when I wrote '' February 28th '' when I wrote that `` no must be said in the constitutional referendum, '' when I said that it should be examined on July 15, 'the secret fetishist', and when I criticized the government recently. I follow my announcement as a 'traitor' with amazement. I think the phrase "appreciation also needs admiration" by a friend is very appropriate here.

The second reason is people you share the same category with. So other post friends. Writing like speaking and sharing it is not an authorship. He must obey the rules of spelling, write the words correctly, and obey the punctuation in their authorship. It should also have its own style and writing character. Apart from technical issues, a writer-journalist has to look critically. He does not swear allegiance to anyone, does not cringe, does not pursue financial interests, does not sell his pen for tenders and different interests. It is not written to say "I have become a writer". If he sees the essence of himself, he examines the characteristics of being a journalist and the characteristics of being a writer from three or four sources and improves himself. As long as he really wants it. I didn't read too many authors to avoid being impressed. When I look at what your friends say, do you read this or take a look at this article, I say, even if the place is split. We have some citizens who mispronounce words. These pronunciation mistakes suit that person, and they cheer up the environment. But fellow writers do not have such a right.

The third factor is not seeing some spiritual gain. When you start and finish the article, even if only a small part of those who read this are affected, you wish it was enough. Every article has topics that I definitely touch.


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