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Chronicle of the Crusades of 1101 (2)

Chronicle of the Crusades of 1101 (2) "Unfortunately, we do not have a work written by an eyewitness among the sources that give information about the episode of the 1101 Crusades in Anatolia.

Chronicle of the Crusades of 1101 (2)

"Unfortunately, we do not have a work written by an eyewitness among the sources that give information about the episode of the 1101 Crusades in Anatolia.

In addition to the work of Albertus Aquensis, unfortunately, Muslim, Hittin, Byzantine, Armenian and Assyrian sources of the period also lack detailed information on this subject; some of them never even mentioned this event.

The record of the native Armenian source Mateos from Urfa on this subject is quite extensive. However, he occasionally went wrong in the information he gave and confused the armies that participated in the campaign in 1101. "

"The only and important work of the 1101 Crusade is the famous chronicle of Albertus Aquensis." (chronicle)

"… the most detailed story of the events of the 1101 Crusades in Anatolia, which we point out to be so important in terms of our history, is found in this work that has caused great controversy as a source."
"For example, despite some chronological and topographical flaws and errors, Albertus is the only source that gives information about the expedition of the Count of Nevers, who constituted the second army of the Crusades of 1101.

If we accept his statement that he conveyed what he himself had heard from those who participated in the expedition for his narrations, it must have been based on the news of a warrior who had been in the army of Nevers in the description of the arrival of the Count Nevers to Istanbul and his passage through Anatolia. We believe that it is possible to believe that the information he gave for this army and about the first and third armies, which was confirmed by Muslim, Byzantine, indigenous Armenian and Syriac sources from time to time, was basically correct.

"While the success of the First Crusade soon led to the movement of three great armies in 1101, the failure of this expedition caused almost half a century of apathy and reluctance to make such a movement happen again."

“The three great armies that embarked on the Crusades of the Year 1100 were established under the leadership of dukes, counts and church leaders, not the kings as in the First Campaign. The first of these three separate armies were the Lombards under the archbishop of Milan, Anselm de Buis, the French under the command of Count Etienne de Blois, and the Germans under the marshall Konrad; the second, count of Nevers Il. The French under Guillaume's command; The third is the Duke of Aquitania (and earl of Poitou) IX. The French under the command of Guillaume and the Bayern herzo IV. The Germans under Welf did it. ”

Sources "The total number given for the Crusader armies of 1101 is 300,000 to 435,000 people." says.

"The Lambards set out from Milana on 13 September 1100 as a great army."

“The Lombard army arrived in Istanbul at the beginning of March and established a headquarters along the Golden Horn coast outside the city walls. Lombards coming after them


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