AK Party's criminal complaint against "coup callers"

AK Party's criminal complaint against "coup callers" AK Party Karaman Organization filed a criminal complaint against former Chief of Staff İlker Başbuğ, Journalist Can Ataklı and Fikri Sağlar.

AK Party's criminal complaint against "coup callers"

AK Party Karaman Organization filed a criminal complaint against former Chief of Staff İlker Başbuğ, Journalist Can Ataklı and Fikri Sağlar.

Provincial President Abidin Çağlayan, who gathered in front of the Karaman Courthouse at 15:00 today, made statements to the press on behalf of the AK Party Karaman Organization.

Caglayan, representing the AK Party Karaman Provincial Organization, regarding the Intellectual Provides, Can Ataklı and İlker Başbuğ, referring to Article 216 of the Turkish Penal Code under the heading "inciting the public to hatred and enmity" He said they filed a criminal complaint.

Stating that they filed a joint criminal complaint in all 81 provinces, Çağlayan used the following statements in the press release:

"As you know, the government of the Republic of Turkey, which was founded at the end of a nation, and walked directly managed by the Grand National Assembly of the independence struggle, which his representative.

Our Republic, whose basis is the supremacy of the national will, has started to fully realize this quality in the political field, together with the multi-party political system.

Of course, there have been people who have not been able to digest the superiority of the national will since the very beginning.

Hostility to the national will has emerged from time to time as a putschist, sometimes a guardian, and sometimes as a representative of marginal movements.

All of them, with the most primitive, darkest, most noble discourses and actions of fascism, it is the primary responsibility of everyone who sees themselves as the democrat, indigenous and national individual of this country to fight against the members of the outdated mentality that attack the nation, its values, history and culture. / p>

Our nation, whose many painful memories from February 28 to July 15 are still alive in its memory, has enabled our country's greatest development and democracy breakthrough through our party, thanks to its principled and strong stance against the fascist mentality.

As the AK Party, our greatest pride and happiness is to be at the forefront of the struggle as the representative of our nation in this great breakthrough.

Turkey's development and attainment of the distance that journey in democracy; It is presented with appreciation by everyone who has reason, conscience and respect.

In this way, our nation knows best that we have reached a place that can be compared with the most developed countries in the world in every field from economy to rights and freedoms.

2023 embodied a great and powerful build Turkey's target in our efforts, I hope, will conclude in victory.

Of course, in this process, we hope that remains of the former fascist mentality in Turkey, almost every opportunity to anxiety caused exhumation found that we always live together.

We are determined to settle accounts before the law with those who have this mentality, which sometimes disturbs the parliament, which is the manifestation of the national will, sometimes pollutes the media and sometimes damages the dignity of the institutions they belong to.


06 Oca 2021 - 16:00 - --- Okunma

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