Imagination - 1

Imagination - 1 The first part of the 3-part story "Imagination" by Abdullah Konuksever .

Imagination - 1

The first part of the 3-part story "Imagination" by Abdullah Konuksever ...


Mrs. Pakize, her daughter Meral and her neighbor Fadime lady and her daughter Hülya would all watch a movie on TV. They heard that the movie was very beautiful and they waited eagerly. Tea was brewed and popcorn. Finally the movie started.

- Serpil, let's get out now.

- Ok daddy, I'm coming.

- Necati ... Don't leave it to Serpil.

- Actually, don't start again!

-What should I do, I can't help it. I saw it on the news yesterday, they kidnapped a little boy.

- Actually, look at the unnecessary programs, you broke your psychology! Good things are happening in the world too!

- If you don't believe it, they told me on the last golden day. Hayriye's elite's neighbor's nephew has been missing for days… Who kidnapped the poor, God knows ?!

-OK! OK! I never let go!

- Necati please!

-Come on, my mother, if we stop for a little more, your mother will not lock us out in the next room!

Whenever Necati wanted to go out with Serpil, Aslı immediately wanted to bring bad things to her mind and prevent them from going out. Lately, he was acting disaster as if he was afraid that something would happen to his daughter, as if something would happen to him. She was used to the bad dreams she used to have, the troubles in her, or the way her eyes watch. But his desire to imprison him was not resigned. He wanted to enjoy a trip with his daughter without further demoralizing.

-Serpilci, shall we go to the park or the pastry shop ahead?

-First we go to the pastry shop, then to the park, daddy.

- Actually I thought like you.

Necati saw his former colleague Bülent, whom he had not seen in years, but was not happy to see him. Bülent was a very chatty person. He wanted to change his path, he was late. As if Bülent had seen him, he was coming with running steps. "Another hour or two idle talk!" it was said.

-Ooo Necati, heavenly man who saw his face! Where are you, you don't appear at all in the market?

-Hello Bülent, how are you!

-Necati, you never changed! You immediately started speaking officially!

- They said it would take off, it would not come out…

- Did you move to this neighborhood?

-Yes, I moved out 5 years ago. Did you move around here too !?

-Don't be afraid dear, I didn't come to your neighborhood. I go to a friend who is sitting a little ahead. Are you still at Hayalbank?

-Yes, it's still the same bath, the same bowl.

-You are yours too, so you settled in Hayalbank. You are a read man, go look for other jobs. Aren't you tired of doing the same job for years?


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